How to Fix Dead Rising 3 PC Crashes, 30FPS issue, Freezing and Lag issues, Black Screen Issue etc

Dead Rising 3 is available on PC and almost all the gamers are complaining about how laggy the game is. Even the minimum system requirements of Dead Rising 3 are pretty advanced. Go through this guide for simple yet precise solutions to solve various Dead Rising 3 PC Issues.

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Sir_Simba1526d ago

People are supposed to buy games to play not to fix them.
we need some sort of change to make sure devs dont do this shit

svoulis1526d ago

This is common for games like this. It's all about the $ which is bull. I mean honestly this should have never been marketed as a Xbox One exclusive anyway. I assume last minute changed were made after the game didn't sell to its potential and now we get buggy broken PC ports of Xbox One exclusives. Ryse won't be any different either.

Imalwaysright1526d ago

Don't buy their game. They only care abouth money so we have to hit where it hurts them most: their wallet.

jriquelme_paraguay1526d ago

PC Master Race.
But thanks, at least i can play this game and dont need to buy a Xbox One.

CervantesPR1526d ago

PC game having tons of issues?? not a surprise

TehBAT1526d ago

>30 fps issue
You're goddamn right

Are_The_MaDNess1526d ago

when was 30 FPS ever acceptable in gaming? (unless the game has a art-style that is tied into it, like South Park)

TehBAT1526d ago

I agree, 60+ is easily achievable on PC, I dunno why these devs stick to making lazy ports, just for a quick buck.

DillyDilly1526d ago

Mine either crashes at the loading screen or freezes

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