Minecraft Graphics Comparison Shows Consoles Still Have Some Improving To Do

The Xbox One and PS4 versions of Minecraft are upon us. Of course the first thing gamers do is compare graphics between different versions. The PS4 and Xbox One versions look exactly the same so there's no point in comparing those two. The real draw is comparing the console versions and the PC version. This comparison shows us what the console version could eventually look like if the texture mods become part of a future update.

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Randostar2415d ago

Comparing a game with texture mods on and off. This video is pointless, it just shows you PC can use text mods.

LackTrue4K2415d ago

bet my lunch that the one on "console" is just the same game without running the mod....i mean just look @ it, the terrain is the same!

MRMagoo1232415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

could be likely, but if you put in a seed for a lvl I think it would be identical across versions so who knows.

Stupid article anyway, I can imagine if the console versions where using the same mod it would look the same and play the same.

XBLSkull2415d ago

When u mix that sky and water in the PC version it just makes the rest if the game look terrible. Keep it all looking poor or make everything good. Mixing it together is just half-assing it

Army_of_Darkness2415d ago

Minecraft looks like sh*t whether it's in 720p, 1080p or even 4k.. .It's like watching crap in hi-definition.

Spenok2415d ago

Good point. I don't think I would have noticed that. It took me all of 2 seconds to realize the "PC" version was running a mod. This article is, as everyone else clearly pointed out, using a Texture Mod.

Really? You're going to compare two "Different" versions of a game with one of them running a mod to make the game look better? Yeah Okay, Looks like I won't be clicking on any GameingJudgement articles again.

But back on the versions being the same, nice eye. Clearly they are both on the PC, he doesn't even say which console version is "compared."

2415d ago
christian hour2414d ago

What the hell has happened to my hobby?!

Where have all the smart and logical gamers gone?!

Why are there so many peoiple willing to sacrifice their morals and integrity to make bullcrap articles like this?!

*repeatedly slams forehead in to brick wall to numb the pain*

Maddens Raiders2414d ago

@army of darkness - agreed.

This game looks like complete shite no matter what. I have it on tablet for my 8 and 5 year old boys and they think it looks the same as well. I feel guilty at times for pushing it on them so early - got caught up in the minecraft hypemachine...

garrettbobbyferguson2414d ago

Of course the textures are the same. There aren't any actual textures used or an arstyle. Minecraft uses developer graphics. It may as well have been a placeholder, but they were too lazy to actually do anything else.

nX2414d ago

Stupid article but I have to say that the console versions shouldn't be priced at 20 bucks. Mojang is swimming in cash already even though their game hasn't evolved during the last few years.

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Reddzfoxx2415d ago

I partially agree but then again that is the ultimate difference for a game like minecraft. PC has modders and when you buy Minecraft your not just buying the game but everything the community has created.

Minecraft is simply best played on PC for the texture packs alone.

Its like buying a Mustang/Camaro (which ever you prefer) and getting the base package. Then you see someone driving around in the same style of car but they have a bigger engine and all the bells and whistles.

Then you try to convince yourself your not missing out on anything but in your heart you know your missing out on "everything".

Randostar2415d ago

They are nice don't get me wrong, but it doesn't have any drawbacks when i play without em. The ultimate experience for minecraft i think is playing with friends. I dont play a game like minecraft to be wooed by the prettiness, thats what Skyrim running 100+ mods is for lol.

joab7772415d ago

You compare them both w/ and w/out mods. Yes, mods do come w/ pc games, and damn I wish the the ps4 version looked that gokd, but u can't make a graphical comparison showing how horrible consoles r by using mods. Just show both.

And I'd kill for a minecraft type game w/ great graphics.

ScottyHoss2415d ago

Just a question, does PC have split screen support? Building a rig and grabbing a few 360 controllers for my living room, I have yet to buy minecraft but I've played it on console. If PC has split screen on top of mods then it's a done deal

kingPoS2415d ago

Except for the fact that those SS's & GT's generally consume a lot more gas than the base models. And when you live in Phoenix Arizona, having a power hungry PC gaming rig quickly become a real drain on the wallet.

Gateway MT6706 2008

2415d ago
loktec2414d ago

@joab777 Ever heard of landmark?

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Magicite2415d ago

PC looks like game of 90s, console looks like game of 80s /s

Dynasty20212415d ago ShowReplies(1)
Pogmathoin2415d ago

The unique thing about Minecraft is the simplistic way it looks. That has not changed on any version, mods do there own thing.... I like the game because of the 8 bit feel to it..... they are right to leave the look IMO...

assdan2415d ago

I'm really hoping this article is a joke.

IaussieGamer2415d ago

agree 100%. Yeah lets compare the vanilla on consoles to the moded version on PC. If them same mods where available on the consoles it would look very close to the pc version. Aferall Minecraft is not a graphical game

3-4-52414d ago

The point of minecraft is to relax and have fun doing whatever.

It's not a painting.

TheBurger292414d ago

Its actually shaders and not a texture pack. NO texture pack will look like this!

SoCalledMe2414d ago

? there are no texture mods in PC version only "Sonic Ethers Unbelievable Shaders"

maddskull2414d ago

you're right. since when did people start playing minecraft for the graphics i play minecraft in low setting and i still have fun. games aren't about graphics only. people need to understand this and minecraft is one game that doesn't need alot of graphical improvement because the game hasn't been about graphics and will never be. other games have graphics as a main point alongside game play and other features but that isn't the same with minecraft. the people that try to show that PC is way better than consoles you have to understand that we don't car i personally like playing on a controller and TV more than playing with a mouse and keyboard in front of a monitor.

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SuperBlur2415d ago

reminds me of this video

Reddzfoxx2415d ago

Pc doesn't have Grand theft auto 5. But I get the point you are making.

SuperBlur2415d ago

Will be out soon tho but that comparison was just silly funny stupid , disagreer are probably bitter owner of gtav on old gen (i am ,myself)

Lighten up people !! :]

Linwelin2415d ago

Not yet no, but it has a release date now :)

Nafon2414d ago

people didn't your joke, which I thought was actually pretty good lol.

This article is garbage. Such a horrible comparison.

Paprika2415d ago

Bit like comparing a person with and without make up on..... the consoles could run these mods..... they just don't have them... yet!

Move along, nothing to see here! I still have fin with MC on ps3. Graphics aren't everything.... its minecraft lol!

Nwah2415d ago

Chances are that these shaders could not run on consoles as Minecraft is a horribly optimized game that can only be better run by what else? A modification.

TheBurger292415d ago

I have an i7 4770k with plenty of fast ram and trust me, I get max 80 fps but usually in the 40s and 50s. So consoles can not run shaders.

DoctorJones2415d ago

'the consoles could run these mods'

No they couldn't.

Paprika2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

OK, but only due to lazy coding and the performance of these mods requiring excess power. In terms of ability of consoles, nothing in any minecraft mod is beyond consoles. Ie, the outcome visually of these mods are gorgeous, but consoles can easily output that level of visuals.

If we are talking skyrim mods, then we will agree!

Lord_Sloth2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Seriously guys, it's a joke video.

Spotie2415d ago

Hard to tell, these days. Gotta check ID.

Omnisonne2415d ago

Honestly feels more like a bad attempt to amp up the PC-console debate

Bad attempt as in using modded Minecraft for comparison -_- lol

sinspirit2415d ago

Gaming Journalist Still Shows How Negligent and Uneducated They Are About Hardware and Software; Further Distances Themselves From Fair Review In Order To Get More Hits.