Why I'm not a Gamer

Gamers and Masculinity have become extremely conflated in a weird, warped way. Daniel Horowitz of Continue Play takes a look at why that is happening.

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annoyedgamer1529d ago

Nope. Another liberal progressive another site blocked.

PeaSFor1529d ago

dem annoying white knights...., this kind of crappy BLOG should be reported and blocked.

im seriously tired of "journalistic" sensationalism.

annoyedgamer1529d ago

What this clever but not so clever blogger is using is a very old trick out of the progressive playbook. He knows he is cornered so he shifts the blame onto the attacker (us gamers). He accuses us of being racist, sexist and/or homophobic not necessarily in that order and proceeds to blame us for the problems at hand.

egidem1528d ago

Its actually pretty crappy. His last post line:

"In other words: Don’t be a Gamer. Be your own person."

Sigh... Garbage like this needs to be blocked from approval in the first place.

Anthotis1528d ago

His surname is Horowitz. What do you expect from his ilk?

HavenDan1529d ago

This really isn't an attack as much as an observation. The purpose of the article was to point out how ideas about masculinity and the term Gamer are inherently linked together, not to blame men for anything.

SuperBlur1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

@PeaSFor dont botter man , they'll report on these nonsensical bshit but wont investigate further to find out if these claims hold any truths because somehow the truth itself about the bshit being spreaded doesnt pertain gaming but the spreaded bshit does

bshit bshit bshit

dont try to rationalize with bshit because

just because.

Spotie1528d ago

You do realize that femininity is as inherently linked, if only because it's the general opposite of masculinity.

That aside, can we dispense with the pseudointellectual analysis of gaming that seems intentionally slanted towards painting the industry and community as worse than the rest of humanity in one way or another? It's gotten boring, and is now bordering on stupid.

ScottyHoss1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

My girlfriend is a gamer, I would like to think that the term can be universal. When I hear masculine I think jock, or construction worker, but when I think gamer I think of a person playing video games. Being a gamer doesn't imply that you're a male, you're only assuming so. This God D*** issue has to be put away, let's get back to the games, seriously!!!

Gh05t1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

It's ironic how your ideas of masculinity is progressive as you bash on conservative thinking. Conservative thinking would not say masculinity is notches on a bed post or specificaly salary. Where I come from masculinity is your ability to be independent and have honor, courage, and integrity. These are what conservatives consider masculine traits. You don't have to have a large salary in order to provide for yourself or family and to keep your name clean.

If you want to know why these people (Anita and Zoe and journalists and bloggers like you) get hate. It's because they lack honor and integrity things masculine people take great pride in.

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TheOtherVitaOwner1528d ago

Funny how he used the term "ego-stroke" because that's exactly what I thought of his article while reading it.

MiliJen101528d ago

"I'm no longer a gamer"
goes on to post this on a site dedicated to gaming.

3-4-51528d ago

This article lacks Integrity.

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DanielGearSolid1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Not even clicking it...

Just needed to know wat site is being added to my the list

Catdawgg1528d ago

Sorry for the ignorance but im new here. How do i block sites?

Shazz1529d ago

why im not a drug addict ...i dont want to be now back to gaming lol

knickstr1528d ago

It's cool. I'm sure nobody really cares if you're a gamer or not. In fact I'm sure there's a lot of people that would bid you good riddance. I for one am tired of you guys making a problem where there is none. If you don't like a game that portrays a character in a certain way, then don't play it.

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