Fanatical Five | Top 5 Reasons Why We’re Excited About Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 shocked the fans when Platinum Games announced it would be a Wii U exclusive. Certainly it was an odd pairing considering Nintendo‘s family friendly image and Bayonetta‘s lascivious nature, but it may prove to be a good move on Nintendo‘s behalf. The Umbran Witch‘s Nintendo debut is set to hit the U.S. on October 24, and was recently the subject of the latest Nintendo Direct, which was devoted exclusively to it. Without further ado, lets dive in and see what’s exciting about Bayonetta 2.- The Game Fanatics

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higgins781500d ago

The Wii U has really taken advantage of the small head start. Come 2015 it will the the Wii U with the best library of games, easily. It is also arguable (again, easily) the Wii U has the better games due to arrive over the 2015 period. Sony or Microsoft will respond of course - likely with another Uncharted or Halo, however, by that time Nintendo will in all likelihood be releasing Zelda U.

So, the numbers suggest the Wii U is a 'failure', the games and actual console itself paint a different picture.

ritsuka6661500d ago

Nintendo always giving the underdog a chance. this is not about fan boys ore publicity, this is about quality. for a game. Bayonetta 2 will be great on the WII U, at 60 fps glory.

mikeslemonade1500d ago

One more year I give for the WiiU.

But to answer the article, Bayonetta is the best action game of last generation so B2 is an anticipated game that I must play on someone else's WiiU.

higgins781500d ago

Just another year huh? So what then for the PS4 or Xbox One, 2 consoles which hardly had dynamic starts or have a strong collection of games at their disposal - besides last gen 'remakes'. No, it looks like you never grew up with or have owned a Nintendo console...more's the pity.

Nerdmaster1500d ago

It's the sequel to the only hack'n slash game I truly liked. That's enough for me.