Nyko's marketing director explains the need for a Playstation 4 Intercooler

Nyko's Chris Arbogast explains why an intercooler is needed for the Playstation 4 next-gen system.

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jujubee881530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

There's no real analtics I've seen from Nyko that go into detail about how they scientifically test the product under various conditions and environments. How it works when attatched. Without attatched. With the SKU fan on or off.

Until I see these kind of raw numbers, I'd say don't take anyones word on this being "useful".

ThanatosDMC1530d ago

Agreed. Do not buy. I remember when their coolers actually messed up consoles instead of helping them.

Mega241530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


Do not buy any accessory from Nyko, my first and second Xbox 360 we're damaged by Nyko's "intercooler" accessory.

Edit: After I noticed it was the intercooler, so I threw it in the trash, wasted of $24+$450+$300.

XBLSkull1530d ago

"You need a PS4 imtercooler, because we need your money"

mikeslemonade1530d ago

My PS4 been running loud lately. Seems to be only when I run Metro Redux

Prime1571530d ago

Yeah, this comment is coming from a MARKETING director. I worked at GameStop for almost 3 years, and heard many people angry at buying the cooling system for the original 360 when it rrod-ed.

Hold off for third party testing and data or use at your own risk

DragonKnight1530d ago

Nyko's PS3 Intercooler actually damaged PS3's. The reason is because Sony designed the PS3 to have an intake/outtake cooling system where air would enter the front vents and be blown out the back. The Intercooler would just recirculate the hot air back into the PS3.

I'm assuming that the PS4 has a similar cooling design in place, meaning the Intercooler would cause the same problems.

SilentNegotiator1529d ago

If data comes out saying that it helps, I'll get one. If not, no thanks.

Death1529d ago

Same thing happened with the 360, the intercooler altered the airflow through the console causing more heat. I'll trust Microsoft and Sony engineers over Nyko ones any day. Clearly a cash grab by Nyko and a great way to void a warranty.

christian hour1529d ago

How is this news? Of course a marketing director is going to say the product he's marketing is essential.

This would only be news if it was the opposite way, "Breaking News: Marketing Director tells public not to buy the product he's marketing! Global Peace is achieved!! Pigs trained successfuly as commercial airline pilots!"

DarXyde1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Marketing Director of Nyko explains why you need a PlayStation 4 Intercooler. Absolutely nothing wrong with that./s

I think if Nyko could back their product with a console-replacement warranty, people would be less hesitant to try it.

Historically though, my experiences have been bad as their intercooler totally wrecked my second XBOX 360.

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Baka-akaB1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Nope that's BS considering how many ps3 their useless cooler killed in the past .

It might not be the same product , but maybe such the site could consider mentioning past issues with the brand and that kind of accessories , before gleely and obliviouly advertising such crap ?

OmegaShen1530d ago

Their new ones work better, they can't harm the systems. The old ones push heat back into the system (which was a dumb idea).

But the new ones suck heat out, draw back is they aren't build to handle to much of that.

Baka-akaB1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Quite frankly i wouldnt be caught giving them a chance when their cooler product were known to damage past consoles , without actual concrete intel on the matter . It still relies on the console's power supply after all and probably strains it , at an unknown yet level .

"Better" isnt nearly enough when the purpose is precisely to prolonge a console's lifetime , and you helped shortened it before .

Worst of all , without even some rumor about console overheating with both the ps4 and XB1

OmegaShen1530d ago

You must have bad luck then, my PS3 Slim runs fine it one.

An where some proof it would harm your system?

Baka-akaB1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Uh ? It's not bad luck , it is a matter relatively known and public , as you can see in the thread and and most of all , elsewhere .

If anything , i've seen enough returns of both ps3 and 360 because of it at the shop .If anything , you're the lucky one , with this death trap . you were yourself mentioning how "the old ones push heat back into the system " . Doesnt it strike you as obviously bad when it comes to cooling ? Please do your research and stop defending them

If you mean the new one , again , why would anyone trust the new model on the back of the POS they initially released , and when the console doesnt need it ? They had no qualm releasing a scam the first time .

PS :
It didnt happen to me . I refused to use that and never needed a cooling system .

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AndrewLB1530d ago

Any home theater system that keeps the components in a glass faced cabinet should have ventilation for the cabinet itself, along with dust filters. The cooler electronics are kept, the longer they last. it's a well known fact.

Anyone here ever been in a server room? Brrrrr.... after an hour or two you need a winter coat even if it's summertime outside. They're kept that way because it optimizes component life.

Mega241530d ago

I'm actually studying Server Administration and Networking, and I can tell you the ventilation and Air cooling of the room is to keep the servers cooled, since they generate extreme amounts of heat, its not just to prolong hardware life. I had my training in the Data Center, and its cold as f$#%.

seporith1530d ago

Go to a server room if the air conditioning s broken. It is like a sauna in there.

rainslacker1530d ago

The ventilation can be passive so long as you follow the manufacturers recommendations for space required around the product. Most hotter electronics already have a fan to push out the heat, so just gotta make sure that that fan has enough space behind it move the air out of the cabinet. Usually just a large hole in the back is sufficient.

I personally use a series of large computer fans that suck air out through chimney style duct work in my entertainment center because it's completely enclosed with the doors shut, and it's all built into the wall, so not enough room for ventilation. It's just a few 120mm PC case fans and some AC duct work I fashioned to a custom size for the entertainment center itself. IT's all run through a USB hub and is quiet since the fans are built into the wood.

assdan1529d ago

I have my ps4 next to 2 tvs, a pc with two gpu's, and a laptop. It's never been too loud, it's never overheated. The one time I've hear of a ps4 overheating is when my brother's friend kept his in a tiny glass case. The intercooler is a useless product.

legionsoup1529d ago

Nyko's marketing directer. Now there's a source I trust!

HanzoHattori1529d ago

All you actually need is to keep the console away from anything that might obstruct the flow of air through the console. I have mine sitting on a small table next to my television stand and the only other thing on that table is a small lamp.

solar1529d ago

Supercharged PC. from 8 years ago.

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CerealKiller1530d ago

Nonsense there is no need for this product.

daggertoes831530d ago

Of course nyko says use its product. A game fairly hard and have had no problems. Yet.

gootimes1530d ago

Don't these things do more harm than good? I don't think I would use one...

loopygames1530d ago

It does do more harm, it puts more stress on your system's power supply. The product is not even licensed by Playstation.

AndrewLB1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

No it doesn't use power from the PS4 power supply. Perhaps do a little reading before you just make up stuff.

These fans are powered via 110v. The unit plugs into the PS4 where you'd normally plug in the power cord from the wall outlet. Than the power cord plugs into this cooler.

here... newegg has some decent pictures.

Also, this doesn't force air into the PS4. The main PS4 fan draws air from all the little vents on the sides of the case, then pushes it through a duct that as it gets closer to the rear, it widens to spread out the flow. This device helps remove that air, making the main ps4 fan not have to work as hard due to the slight negative pressure created by the exhaust.

To what extent will this help? probably 15-20'f.

rainslacker1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


In theory, and at it's simplest level, you are right about the air flow. However, since this product is untested, and given Nyko's track record, I would wait for people test it out.

The biggest concern I would have is that the extra fan on the back could turbulence within the duct work, which can cause the air to not flow as well as it should. This is particularly true when the duct work opens up as it does. That opening up creates less air pressure in that part of the duct, which in itself causes the air to be pulled out naturally...even if the fan isn't running at all(Think of if you've ever smoked in a car, the smoke naturally goes out the window).

Anyhow, when you start pulling air from a low pressure when it's already being pushed out from the source, it's causes the air to bounce around where it shouldn't, and that bouncing could inadvertently be directed back into the system itself. It's a form of wind sheer.

Not saying this will happen, but better to let others test it IMO. There is quite a bit of information about how to set up air flow for PC cases for anyone who wants more information about the things that can happen with improper air flow set up.

slappy5081530d ago

I slapped a Nikko inter cooler on my xbox 360 and it melted the power supply. I'm definetly hesitant to add third party hardware like this to my ps4

extermin8or1530d ago

more often than not they blow hot air back into the console lol... or have no effect at all. The internal fans still need to get the hot air out of the console these have no effect t all on tht and that's the important thing.

dazzrazz1530d ago

Does anybody remembers when the same product was melting 360 power outlets ?

DjinnCrimsora1530d ago

One of the biggest difference between the Xbox & Playstation consoles has been that Microsoft has relied on power bricks whereas Sony has everything in the unit itself. I see this being a big part of what may have led to that situation.

DjinnCrimsora1530d ago

What I'm looking for before dishing out the money is a statement from Sony about whether or not attaching this to the PS4 voids the warranty.

Testfire1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Better question is why you would think you need one in the first place? Sony designed the PS4 to work without overheating, you're not going to overheat it unless you're playing in extreme ambient temperatures, in which case this still won't work. It's a waste of cash, that's better spent on games.

Baka-akaB1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

You probably dont need it , and it's unlicensed . I dunno why you need a statement from Sony , that alone should speak volumes when you read the warranty .

"any issue with your system that was caused by neglect, unlicensed product use, physical abuse, accident, and/or excessive wear and tear, will not qualify the product for in-warranty service."

HanzoHattori1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Here's a better way to spend your 20 dollars.

Set this table next to your entertainment center/TV stand or do what I did and buy a 25FT HDMI cable, run it across a living room floor, and place the 10 dollar table next to your couch. The only things that should be on that table are the PlayStation console and something small like a reading lamp. All the PS4 needs is to have the top and sides unobstructed to allow air to flow freely through the console. If you feel the need to waste 20 bucks, that's your constitutional right to do so.