Opinion: Leave The Live Action To Hollywood

More and more developers and publishers are embracing live-action trailers and commercials, but even Hollywood-worthy production values don't do justice to the games they're trying to sell.

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shinrock3120d ago

The game wish it had half the personality the commercial has!

Godmars2903120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

As "entitled" as this may sound, from a game like this I expect more than a skin for a FPS. Something that lets me interact with the various alien races rather than just shoot at them. Real exploration, encounters with environmental puzzles and monsters instead of just shooting arenas. being able to use different vehicles from starships to hover bikes instead of them being cutscenes or...

Well no, the hover bikes are still cool as they are.

Still, I want to see commercials like this being what is striven for in-game, rather than being the devs saying, "ooo, see this? Yeah, you're never going to get to do anything like this in the actual game."

I mean FFS; that is literally Square-Enix's problem. Showing rather than letting you play.

strangeaeon3120d ago

Doesn't sound entitled at all, you have many of the same gripes that I do.

FamilyGuy3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

I completely disagree.

What was shown in that live action trailer that you CAN'T do in the actual game?

The only things I spotted were the Hunter dusting off his arms an popping his hood in a strut-like manner and the end where they jumped off a cliff into a huge abyss (fall damage/instant-death in game)

Other than that it was all in-game abilities being shown in that trailer so please tell me what they showed that we can't do? Oh, and the ship being used for cut-scenes only but who knows about the full games use just yet.

There's DEFINITELY points in the game where you'll interact with aliens beyond just shooting at them. In The Reef there's some chick that has those "bad guys" on her side and she gives you missions. Talking to one doesn't seem that far-fetched other than the language barrier.

The "Vault of Glass" is your environmental puzzle as we'll have to figure out how to get in or activate certain events.

That trailer was fully authentic to what the game is. Running through the game as a three-man pack, special attacks, special weapons, special moves like the Hunters ability to teleport when jumping which was shown.
Draw enemy attention by shooting at their spawn/strong-hold. Summoning your speeder any time while out in the open zone. Co-ordinating planet destinations you want to go through with your group.

It's all in the game so yeah, I'm confused by the claim that the trailer shows more than what we can really do in game.

Godmars2903120d ago


Meh. You're likely not getting it cause I'm talking about the RPG it might have been, while you're thinking of the MMO it is.

FamilyGuy3120d ago

That doesn't help my confusion at all. What does you wanting it to be more like an RPG have to do with the authenticity of what is shown in the live action trailer?

Anywho, off topic a bit: Check out this video of enemies and moves that weren't accessible in the Beta. Can't wait to pick this up.

^This guy got special footage from Bungie before the beta even released.

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OmegaShen3120d ago

I love live action trailers, they are hard to forget. Halo Reach and Destiny are the best ones.

No even Hollywood could make a game movie trailer look this good (it be like the Super Mario Bros movie).

FamilyGuy3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

The God of War Ascension ad was epic too.

incendy353120d ago

It is just a tv ad. It has no purpose except to get peoples attention and make them interested in the actual product. You can't play a TV ad, at least not yet haha.

brewskiebob3120d ago

Its meant to get people hyped. A marketing ploy. It does its job well cuz it was totally awesome. If it gets anyone just the least little bit interested then it was a success. For example...remember that board game crossfire? The commercial made it look like the greatest most action packed board game you ever seen... but in reality all it consisted of was shooting metal balls at a piece of plastic.....and i bought it no questions asked. Thats just my opinion tho i know ill get my 60$ worth out of destiny.

Menkyo3120d ago

The video was awesome you don't know what your talking about.

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