What Happened to Watch_Dogs?

Corey looks back at Watch_Dogs and tries to understand why the game's story fell apart.

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Yo Mama2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

I'll tell you. Umm, it sucked! And it wasn't the game that was promised and shown at E3 2012.

MrSwankSinatra2576d ago

I thought it was a good game, but it wasn't a great game.

CD64052576d ago

It's like most Ubisoft games, it was shown too early and was overhyped.

guitarded772575d ago

I just got it this week and am playing it right now. I guess I'm about half way through. My impression is that it's a lot like the first Assassin's Creed... much potential, but underwhelming. If they can improve it like Ubi did from AC1 to AC2, it could be awesome. But for now it's just not great, and kinda underwhelming... but not so bad that I won't play it.

Geekman2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Not being what was shown =/= sucks.

Thanks dude. I like how smart you are.

LamerTamer2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Graphical downgrade. It still looked decent even on PS4 though (compared to PC not as good but better than xbone). I beat it and it had good moments. Some of the chase parts had cool outcomes. I found driving easier during chases if I used the bumper cam FPV. Also grenade launcher FTW, takes out fixer vehicles real nice. Get that weapon as soon as possible. I think the strategy of buffing up by doing side missions first then doing story later makes it easier.

I was initially disappointed for the first hour or so but then ended up liking it more than I thought.

ape0072575d ago

i saw the PC version in ultra settings, looks about 5% better than the ps4's version but stutterer like hell (even on low settings)

ahmedghoula2575d ago

aiden pearce is a self centered hypocrite...

the whole story is moving on because aiden is doing what Damion wants because he kidnapped his sister which aiden should have hid from the beginning.

he want's answers to bring justice yet he kills tens of cops and citizens..

one moment your running after a man for stealing a purse , the next your hacking into bank accounts stealing peoples money.

the writing wasn't good, they throw in the occasional"How many people have killed to get revenge" "am i doing the right thing" to make the character feel deep.

there are parts of the game that feels like it doesn't belong, like the defolt part, it just feels rushed, story wise

but the gamplay is kind of fun, running from the cops, gang hideouts, convoys...

HanzoHattori2575d ago

After playing the game for an hour on release day, I ejected it, put it back in the case,and sold it on Ebay. Yeah it sucked.

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Kilo_Brown2576d ago

I had fun with it....once I beat it I lost intrest in the world. Of course there will be a sequel.

nippletwister2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Don't know what happened to Ubisoft, but since Prince of Persia Two Thrones came out, they have been going down the shitter at a constant rate.
Ruined PoP, ruined Settlers, ruined Assassins Creed since sacking the original writer.
Now this.
After EA and Activision, they seem to be the 3rd evil.
I'm gonna have to investigate credits of all these games, compare for staff changes, and try to connect the dots from the conclusions. Something smells shitty.
Hell, Massive Entertainment could have been making more Ground Control and World in Conflict games for some variety, genres they are good at, talented at, rather than being reduced to a mere support team for big games amongst hundreds that aren't really their thing like Far Cry 3 and Ass Creed.
Something REALLY smells shitty.

Monkeycan82575d ago

There always has to be 3.

annoyedgamer2575d ago

The only redeeming quality is Ubisoft doesn't buy up studios and swallow your favorite games whole but thats hardly a compliment.

mananimal2575d ago


lmao "Ass Creed", too funny and true. Always hated that franchise.

cyclindk2575d ago

Screw the story, there just wasn't enough to do in the dang game and the worst part is, there was so much that could EASILY have been added to give it more longevity.

Mini hacking games (menu-based), more weapons (a few semi-futuristic ones could have been fun). Some special vehicles, et cetera. Felt like a modern game, built off a very old static game model. No bells and whistles.

CD64052575d ago

It felt to me that Watch_Dogs was made in a vacuum. It ignored what all other open world games in the same setting have done. It also added controls that are different than the norm in the genre, which was just weird.

Oldman1002575d ago

I thought the combat/shooting was top notch. The variety and depth of the world isn't as good as I thought it would be. The side missions are fairly decent(the cool thing now though is that you can reset them thanks to the latest patch). The story was pretty "meh" with characters I really didn't care much about. The driving component is the only *major* issue I have with the game. They should have increased the variety of vehicles and steering response a bit. Maybe add a bit of vehicle customization. Overall though I felt it failed to meet expectations brought upon by the e3 reveal. I still thought it was a good game though. I'd give it an 8/10. Would bang...fists against the wall wishing it was just a little bit better.

Muzikguy2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I agree with everything being said here. I got the game at launch for the PS4 and was completely disappointed. I haven't touched it since that same week. I really should trade it in now to maximize the return. I was hoping for something close to that 2012 presentation at least. "No downgrade".... LMAO

That's how I feel about it too, in a way. Ubisoft hyped the hell out of this game and completely failed to deliver. Why would they make an open world game that completely deviates from the norm with everything from controls to character development?! You'd think they would have researched all this. I don't trust Ubisoft anymore

LamerTamer2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

I thought the controls were better than Assassin's Creed IV (on land, sea was ok). Those were so bad I wanted to bust my controller to bits at times. I mean you would randomly climb/stick to/fall off things just because you were close to something and the game decided to do it for you whether you wanted to or not. Doing those "cut down enemy flag" on ship boards was an exercise in frustration while climbing masts for one example. I beat both and WD seemed much better in the controls department.

bloop2575d ago

@LamerTamer Man, cutting down those flags was a nightmare until I figured out just to stand still and jump straight up. They perfected the controls in AC 2 but then they got worse in 3 and worse again in IV. Watchdogs was pretty tight control wise on foot and the gunplay was solid too. Every other aspect of the game lacked though. They stuffed it with too many boring side missions that felt more like a chore and not enough of the good ones like the hideouts. Driving controls were a bit weird. Story was completely forgettable. Graphics downgrade was very disappointing. They didn't use the hacking abilities to full potential. The city felt completely dead.......... I could be here all night listing out the negatives!!!

LamerTamer2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

The downgrade was disappointing, for PC. For the consoles though it had to be, they aren't super powerful and there had to be compromises especially when it was released. There is no way the xbone or ps4 could have done those original E3 graphics, unless you dropped the resolution to 480p.

I found driving to be much easier in action sequences if I used FPV. 3rd person controlled bad, but it is expected. Most of us aren't floating behind our cars while we drive so it is un-natural.

Overall I liked it even with the flaws. I liked the gang hidout and some of the convoy missions, but did very few of the invade privacy or those timed ctos box hacks.

Hopefully they fix some things in WD2 and don't ruin the controls.

Agent_hitman2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

The game was very disappointing, Ubisoft should have change this game to modern day Assassin's creed instead, I think the fan would have love it imo. :p

Plus the graphics are not good enough, compared to E3 2012 demo. I'm talking about the PC version btw

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