Why Mobile Gaming is Now a Legitimate Platform

Adam looks into the world of mobile gaming and argues for the acceptance of the platform as a viable one for gaming.

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Agent_hitman1529d ago

Apple's Metal and AMD's Mantle tech APi are very promising especially in mobile gaming development. It is very efficient low level API, great for future gaming graphics.

So yeah I completely agree, Mobile gaming is a certified legitimate platform nowadays.

NexGen1529d ago

Except for one minor detail: no real controls = fail. Every time.

edqe1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Keyboard+mouse, gamepads, joysticks, etc. They all works on mobile devices as well.

Hardware is already impressive but getting better and better every year; for example just recently announced NVidia "Denver" K1 and Intel Core M.

OpenGL 3.1 + AEP and OpenGL NG will push graphics stack even further.

There are already great games for mobile devices like BGII, KoDP, etc. You hardly can find better RPGs for any consoles.

methegreatone1528d ago

Thats not entirely true.
The issue isn't the absence of real controls. The issue is developers failing to take advantage of what is there. Touch screen, accelerometer. You can really do a lot of things with those. Games with virtual sticks and pads will always fail. That's not the way to make a good mobile game.
I'm a PC gamer, and I enjoy really good graphics and simulation, eg games like Crysis and Metro 2033, which simulate so many great gameplay mechanics and offer lots of depth. I also enjoy good console games. As far as being a 'hardcore gamer', I'm covered :P
There are great games on mobile though. Specifically on the iphone.
The Infinity Blade series, for example offers not only incredible visual quality, but also an insane amount of depth to it's gameplay. (At first I found it boring, but after reluctantly investing 15 more minutes in the first game, I was hooked) The RPG aspect is brilliantly done. Games like the Walking Dead by Telltale are ported to mobile, and they are perfect on this platform, maybe even better than other platforms because of the touch controls !

Take a look at Republique on iOS. Again, brilliant visual quality, top notch voice acting, intuitive gameplay. A great gaming experience.
With games like this, mobile is becoming a legitimate place to game. Although this is mostly true only for iOS, since that's where these games come out.

Other mentions - Real Racing 3. It's brilliant in it's gameplay and visuals and getting a new car really feels amazing. They all handle different, sound different and feel unique. It's like a watered down simulator on PC or something. Again, it's perfect for mobile. The reason I didn't talk about this one earlier is because of some questionable IAP implementations. Although it's very much possible to have a great time without IAPs. You just need to play some every day...

Waffles111529d ago

With sending pictures of my junk to random people and taking selfies with homeless, I have too short of an attention span to play quality games on phones. Maybe if its flashy and mindless, then I can play a game inbetween sending pictures of my junk to random people.

Charlieholmes061529d ago

It's not the API nor the hardware that keeps it out of the realm of legitimate gaming. It's the lack of quality. F2P, paywalls, crappy controls, shallow content, and GREEDY developers that make it terrible! Fix all those things and maybe you'll have something worth considering some day!

GamingTruth1529d ago

it is lets just stop with the 'mobile gaming is going to overtake consoles' or 'mobile gaming is going to overtake pc and consoles' bs from now on please though, but i do believe mobile is good to play some games

Funantic11529d ago

People hate to admit that mobile gaming is making the most money right now. They must fear that must mean that their dear consoles will become second best. You get newer more powerful versions of iPhones and Androids every year but only get a new version of consoles every 5-10 years. That means for a while consoles remain stagnant for those few years while mobile phones evolve more rapidly. Processor chips are becoming smaller and more powerful. Eventually you'll just hook your phone to your tv and controller and play.

OmegaShen1529d ago

Yet they can't get battery life to last longer, plus alot of copys of the same game (how flappy bird type of games?).

Mobile gaming is fun on trips to a point, it still lacks a really controller (Sony made a go gaming phone it did bad). So I don't believe mobile gaming is even close to be as want we get on systems made for gaming.

lashes2ashes1529d ago

Why would you hook you're phone into the tv when all games in the next couple decades will be streamed directly to what ever screen is in front of you. That's why all the big gaming companies are messing around with cloud projects, the next evolution step in gaming is clearly steaming content just like tv, film and even print.

OmegaShen1529d ago

Don't know about that, there is one huge thing keeping that idea from becoming real. The Internet speed worldwide, an most internet company's are no were near close to handling that.

Let alone some country's.

ElementX1529d ago

So based on this article, legitimacy is based solely on the available games? A mobile plays Candy Crush but then because it can play some Valve games it's suddenly worthy of being considered a gaming device? I don't understand the reasoning.

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