PES Brand Manager on FIFA Rivalry: “I Was Worried Before I Saw FIFA 15”

XBA: Speaking at Gamescom 2014, PES European Brand Manager Adam Bhatti revealed that he was worried about falling behind FIFA this year, until he actually saw the game.

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hennessey861530d ago

But this gen it hasn't done it for me, but neither has fifa. I haven't enjoyed a football game since PES 2005, they seem to be concentrating on getting the players hair styles right rather than on the core game mechanics that made PES untouchable. I will give the new one a go, but I am not expecting much I'm sad to say

TheSaint1530d ago

Agreed, PES 5 was the last footy game I played to any extent.

They have become a little soulless IMO.

bluegoblin1530d ago

I actually enjoyed winning eleven 7 quite a lot still. Still have it at home next to my ps2

TheSaint1529d ago

Pointless comment on something you have no interest in - smh.

Seriously why even click?

Aces171530d ago

I have never played PES so I can't speak about gameplay but literally everything else in the game looks worse than FIFA. How at this point have they not payed for licensing

DualWielding1530d ago

well they have payed for licensing...... of the Japanese league and the Japanese national team..... only reason they outsell Fifa in Japan

bluegoblin1530d ago

Because Fifa has all the rights i believe. Simple

1529d ago
Doritos_Pope1530d ago

Cheap trash talking. . . ,hard for me to respect people in the industry when they talk this way.

iNFAMOUZ11530d ago

i gotta admit fifa 15, the ACTUAL gameplay doesn't look as good as the trailer, downgrade confirmed?

Hk85karlsson1530d ago

Is it ever? I have never seen a game where the ACTUAL gameplay looks as good as the trailer.

Ol_G1530d ago

Nintendo games tend to look better than their trailers

1529d ago
Masta Kaos1530d ago

From the gamescom videos that I saw on YouTube..... PES 15 is solid.....Fifa was not impressive gameplay wise. And people have to stop whining about Licenses.....PES players know what to do to get licenses.

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The story is too old to be commented.