Throwdown Ep. 01 – “Sex, Lies, and Video Games”

The Koalition's Tony Polanco writes:

"Even though this is our first show and we would’ve liked to have kept things light, it would be wrong of us if we ignored the biggest news story that’s been unfolding in the games industry over the last three weeks. Our main and only topic on this episode is the ongoing situation surrounding Zoe Quinn, Kotaku, journalistic ethics, and the war between journalists and gamers. We pull no punches here but we present the topic in the clearest way possible to educate people on what’s really going on. The major news outlets aren’t doing their job of covering this story (unless they’re shaming gamers) so we’ll do it for them."

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SwiffEpics1556d ago

I've been following this show for a while, it's good to see it revamped and on a new site. I'm excited for the future of the show now.

Romudeth1556d ago

Thanks for the support for all of these years. We're going to grow even bigger on the Koalition.

anash6111556d ago

Great job on the cast, man!

Romudeth1556d ago

Somebody has to talk about this since the big sites won't.

Hitman07691555d ago

This reboot of The Throwdown marks some serious territory by speaking on the topic. I tend to agree with the stuff NicheGamer has been saying but I don't know that I personally dedicate that much attention to the issue as others. I'm glad some one is talking about it though Romudeth even if it's not a topic I personally am thinking of it's good to hear the thoughts of others. Keep doing your thing Koalition team.