Feminist Frequency paved the way for a playable female protagonist in Dishonored 2

"Arkane co-creative director Harvey Smith said that it was critic Anita Sarkeesian’s analysis of Dishonored, which she offered through her web series Feminist Frequency, which promoted the studio to re-evaluate how it portrayed women in the series."

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UCForce1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

This is something I will not agree with this. Anita started a gamergate in 2012 which was small, but until 2014 thing out of control fast when she completely succeeded created the conflict between both sides. I remember correctly she hate her dad because he voted who she hated the most (politics).

-Foxtrot1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

GamerGate wasn't created by Anita, it was started as a result for the shit Zoe Quinn had been doing which exposed the corrupt journalism and going ons within the industry. As people dug deeper they found new things out and when the heat was getting too hot the majority of game sites banded together and used Zoe Quinn as a victim to show how GamerGate was about abusing, attacking and mentally crippling women for no reason. Why? Because they didn't want any more snooping and would have rather made gamers in general look bad then accept any responsibility for what they did behind closed doors, they were afraid more things came to light if they dug any more. They thought making all gamers look like misogynistic, sexist, women hating pigs would be better then all their shady stuff coming to light and hurting their reputation, things which could cost them their jobs.

Then when things got going people like Brianna Wu and Anita latched onto it to promote their stuff. Anita to sell her kickstarter shit because she's a con artist and Wu because she probably got a lot of shit off people in her past being transgendered, possibly even being bullied as a child and decided she wanted to go on a mighty crusade to hurt all those evil Cis men.

UCForce1154d ago

Like I said, the whole gamergate have been out of control.

naruga1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

and who bought the dishonored 2 ??? with all these shoved to our throats diverse things inside ....i say nobody )i know it went bad in sales -and they blamed other games for it) .....the game proved to be completely forgettable and generic as hell...if you cannt develop a game nt the lack of homosexuals or female protagonisst that hurt the game, is that you r by default incompetent ....also shoving things inside just because Anita says to , you make things worse

UCForce1154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

Now people know why Dishonored 2 have female protagonist because of Anita Influence. I will say this again, she is the false feminist who doesn't belong to feminists community. She completely ruined their image and reputation.

annoyedgamer1154d ago

Anita is shadow developing alot of games, the new Uncharted and TLOU games come to mind. Something about an angry woman beating up a room full of men without getting so much as a scratch brings them joy. I would love to see their reactions if the genders were reversed.

Aenea1154d ago

Actually, of course that can bring one joy! Don't pretend you don't like the idea of kicking the shit out of people in games either, am sure you do! That's why we watch movies, read books and play games, don't we?

Gameseeker_Frampt1154d ago

and I bet you are all tears when playing as an angry man beating up a room full of men. "I'm sorry guys - this is hurting me more than it is you. This brings me no joy." sob, punch, sob, punch, punch....

-Foxtrot1154d ago

Yeah people like Nadine were a direct result of Neil loving Anita and wanting to please her

Adrian_v011154d ago

Because women can't beat up men?

meka26111154d ago

Not really, there are exceptions, but generally they are weaker than men. I remember seeing one time they had the world's strongest woman go to a bar to do some arm wrestling. She went up against average built guys and everyone of them beat her. It's just biology, and as I said, there are exceptions to the rule.

Adrian_v011154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )


I also remember the woman with world's biggest/heaviest boobs knocking a guy out while dancing on the dancefloor, with her boob. So that doesn't mean anything.

I'd pay to see average built guys fight female cage fighters. I'm really fascinated by the bubble some of u guys live in.

Noctis1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Your username fits like the glass shoe fit Cinderella, just change "annoyed" to "annoying" Also, was your last sentence sarcasm because i'm pretty sure what you describe is really 99% of movies and games.

In my opinion I would like to see some roles reversed. Eg: Chris Redfield's gladiator skin in RE5 was total fanservice to those attracted to men, I would pay to see more DLC like this, a la Dead or Alive, but with men in skimpy outfits and big bulging pecs.

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