GWN reviews Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (XBOX360)

Michael Triggs writes:

''Upon loading up Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for the first time you'll notice that it seems to share elements with a number of other shooters out there. Bits will remind you of Battlefield 2, some things definitely bring Halo to mind, and the game even seems to take a little inspiration from Gears of War. In fact the one shooter it seems to have almost nothing in common with is, surprisingly, Quake.

ETQW is quite a lot of fun to play. Players choose one of two teams (the human GDF army or the hideous alien Strogg) and then duke it out in objective based deathmatches. Players on either side choose one of five classes which each have their own weaponry and abilities. Engineers/Constructors can repair vehicles and emplaced guns; Covert Ops/Infiltrators are expert snipers and can disguise themselves as the enemy; Field Ops/Oppressors can restock teammate's ammo supplies; Medics/Technicians can heal teammates and dispose of enemy carcasses; and Soldiers/Aggressors are light weapons experts and will sometimes employ tactical explosives.

During the course of a match teams will either attack or defend and must complete specific objectives. Attackers may be tasked with knocking out radar, reconstructing bridges, disabling enemy transports and the like while the defending team must prevent these things from happening.

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