Free Bayonetta with Bayonetta 2 is a US-only promotion

A free copy of the original Bayonetta will not be included in the solus edition of Bayonetta 2 in the UK and Europe, Nintendo has clarified. Instead, the offer will be limited to the US.

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Dark_Overlord1507d ago

Europe getting the shaft again..... why am I not surprised, most companies nowadays seem to treat Europe as second rate gamers >:(

R00bot1507d ago

I'm not sure if it's the same in Europe, but in Australia they're having both games at a lower price, and a discount on the second after you've bought the first. The discount makes it the same price as the both in one pack. Pretty sure the discount is eShop only, though.

KonsoruMasuta1507d ago

Europe does get the llimited edition when the US doesn't, though.

ChickeyCantor1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

I couldn't care less about the limited edition. I don't see how it's fair though. The art book is pretty cool, but I'm not a collector.

But I'm a HUGE bayonetta fan and ill probably buy some bundle discount or something ( if there is any ).

RosweeSon1507d ago

Yeah like when we got that crap ps4 how early before Japan, shafted!!

PeteyMcPickle1507d ago

Makes no difference to me, I've already pre-ordered the first print edition.

LonDonE1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

I for one will be telling amazon uk to go screw them selves if they dont give me the bundle one as originally advertised! i have even done screen captures of the bayonetta 2 page where it clearly says i have pre ordered it and it clearly states bayonetta 1 is included!! so i will tell Amazon uk if they wish to keep me, a loyal customer for over 15 years who has spent thousands on games, tvs, consoles etc happy they better upgrade the pre order to the bundle edition!

Or i will take my future business else where! to be honest that's what i am expecting them to do since Amazons customer service is by far THE BEST i have ever experienced! they bend over backwards to help customers and over the years me and friends have gotten lots of free goodies for things just like this.

What's worse is we in uk are already paying more for the game compared to the U.S and now we not only have to pay more but must do it while others are getting it free?? WTF?

LonDonE1507d ago

Just got done speaking to Amazon UK and they have told me in writing and over the phone that they will be honouring the pre order! but what's not clear is if my copy of Bayonetta 2 will come with a disk or digital version of Bayonetta 1, but it will definitely include the first game as advertised on Amazon UK web page.

So I am happy with that result and as usual Amazons first class customer service is second to none! i knew they would honour it, they have never let me down in over 15 years! and since i am getting both games for £30 that's a bargain!!

I already own Bayonetta 1 on disk for the PS3 anyway so getting a 60fps flawless version with 2 is just a bonus since regardless of it being included i would in no way miss out on Bayonetta 2! Bayonetta 1 is by far the best action game ever created! since mastering it no other combo based action game can scratch thath itch! And i just get giddy knowing that i will be playing Bayonetta 2 plus a flawless version of the first game very soon!

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Neonridr1507d ago

That sucks for sure, but Nintendo may still end up doing something for the EU gamers to offset. Perhaps including a digital code or something. Shame that only us NA gamers get the sweet deal.

mydyingparadiselost1507d ago

But EU gets that sweet Limited Edition with both games.... I love/hate you NOA...

Dunban671507d ago

Pretty poor communication from Nintendo- why did they announce both games available for EU then change it? Most of the big game retailers had been doing pre orders w both games included now they are having to do a 180 and making people upset -

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