"Broforce was a joke" says developer

GRTV sat down with director Evan Greenwood to discuss the story of Broforce, a call from Lionsgate and an endorsement from Dolph Lundgren.

"Broforce was a joke. It was 'let's make a game this weekend and see what happens and we're going to put Rambo in it," says Greenwood of the start of the project.

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XXXL1504d ago

Man I can't wait to get this on PS4!

KwietStorm1504d ago

Me too. This joke looks very well done, and they clearly have been into the action movies from the 80s, with all the characters they've shown.

ravenl0rd1504d ago

I am completely addicted to this game. The community has been doing a really good job at uploading new levels made with the editor and giving the game excellent shelf life. So much fun!

1504d ago
irishyort1498d ago

Needs a bit of polish, but this is a great retro style game done the right way.