Jolt reviews Supreme Ruler 2020

Jolt reports:

''Taking a nation roughly the size of the Isle of Wight and turning into the most dominant world power since Starbucks has long proved appealing to gamers. Who would have thought the art of diplomacy and the will to work together with your fellow man to create a better world for all would have proved such a popular concept. We're sure that's the motivation behind these games, rather than the desire to build up huge armies and nuke any nation that so much as looks at you funny. No really.

So the world has been shattered. Not literally, obviously, as there wouldn't be a lot of point in ruling that. But the major nations have been reduced to little more than warring counties with America being little more than a collection of not-so-united states that spend their time slugging it out rather than electing mentally challenged.'' Presidents. Your role is to take one of these pitiful land masses full of peasants and farmers, and turn it into a new world order to take over the planet.

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