Destiny Might Outsell Grand Theft Auto V

There's a chance that Destiny might actually outsell the game that shattered just about every major sales record in 2013. Destiny caters to the masses...

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DarkOcelet1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

I really doubt that will happen , its a new ip so maximum is 15 million , i mean watchdogs was overhyped and managed to sell less than 10 million . And honestly in my opinion making it multiplayer centric wasnt really the best idea . Yes i know it can be played alone but its not meant to be played like that and i really have a huge issue with that .

vishmarx1503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

doubt? not a cat in hells chance.
didnt gta sell 30+million?not only is it unreasonable to expect that from a new ip,
i have a feeling hype has deflated quite a bit,at least i know mine has, after finding out about how little pve content is there.
but if it isnt delfated, then its huge and will never be able to live up to it creating another watchdogs scenario.
realistically i dont see it breaking 15 million in its best possible run

Webbyy1502d ago

yea. destiny has NO chance to outsell gta lifetime. period.

extermin8or1502d ago

Gta has sold over 50 million I believe.... and it's still got a pc and next gen release to's only been released on two platforms destiny will be on 4 on day 1 it doesn't have a hope in hell of matching gta5 and I don't think it's going to be good enough to deserve too either.

XB1_PS41502d ago

Not to mention GTA V is getting a re-release. Which will stack the number even more. Even if Destiny turns out to be the biggest selling new IP of all time, it still won't beat the Goliath that is GTA, in sales.

Why o why1502d ago

Like everybody before me has said......cant see that happening.

ProjectVulcan1502d ago

If Destiny (on 4 major platforms) even manages to match the sales of GTA5 (currently on 2 major platforms) it will have exceeded expectations.

But there is no way it'll exceed GTA5 after it is released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Spinal1502d ago


No it wont outsell GTA 5, clearly this site is looking for hits.

But onto your next statement: 'And honestly in my opinion making it multiplayer centric wasnt really the best idea . Yes i know it can be played alone but its not meant to be played like that and i really have a huge issue with that'

It was built to be an Online Game from the VERY beginning. When Bungie left Halo they said they're working on an MMO. And playin the alpha/beta they've done a fantastic job of it. I think its the World of Warcraft of Shooter MMO's. Its rivals are Borderlands & Planetside 2. And i think Destiny crushes both of em from what i've played so far.

You may love your singleplayer games but don't take it out on our Multiplayer games. I'm one that thinks Singleplayer games should stay singleplayer like Dragon Age, im sick of the thought of multiplayer in that game. It didnt bode well for Bioshock 2 after how fantastic Bioshock 1 was.

Hellsvacancy1502d ago

Wow, is this a new dawning on N4G, everyone actually agrees on something

Boody-Bandit1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we should just leave now and come back tomorrow before things get really weird. Next thing you know we will all lock hands around a campfire and start singing folk songs.

On topic:
I don't see this happening either. GTA is a juggernaut. I do think Destiny will have very impressive overall numbers. They invested 1 half a billion dollars into this franchise and they are advertising it like crazy right now. This game has to have huge numbers to get back into the black.

Oh BTW the commercials for this game are excellent. Especially the one with Led Zeppelin music playing while they are attacking the enemy stronghold. I can't recall the last time I've seen Sony this ambitious with advertising 1 title.

nucky641502d ago

agreed - and the raids requiring 6 people is ridiculous. I was going to get destiny before I found out about this restriction.

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chrissx1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Yea, its Impossible. New ip, online only and fps. Not a chance

Neixus1502d ago

Yeah, it is. everyone pretty much knows about GTA, even girls who are not interested in gaming.

Then Destiny comes, which aren't of a big interest for the ''mainstream gamer'' at all.
They want CoD and Fifa, not RPG shooters.

Ashunderfire861502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

More and more girls are gaming now more than ever. Look at twitch on both PS4 and X1. I see girls playing Battlefield 4, Ghost, Titanfall, Outlast, Destiny Beta, and etc everyday. There are more girls playing than they were years ago when Halo 2 came out 2004(They were just the minority back then). Plus you got the social network features on both platforms with Facebook, cameras and etc. Girls like that stuff.

Its very funny and entertaining to watch them play the horror games like Outlast lol! They say things like where do I go where do I go!

Neixus1502d ago


That is not relevant to my comment..? I said girls that have no interest in gaming, not that girls are -NOT- interested in gaming.

My gf and i play games together, so yeah.

Wikkid6661502d ago

No... but I'm sure it has to sell a lot of copies to get a return on investment.

Neixus1502d ago

Yes, they invested so much into this game it's unbelievable.

Well maybe not as much as GTA V, but close.

n4rc1503d ago


Especially when it get re-released and sells millions more.. (Fair comparison I think since destiny is on all 4 to begin with)

I personally feel destiny will not live up to its hype/expectations.. I'm sure it'll be fun and sell very well.. But I'd bet cod crushes it and its run will be shortlived and certainly not 10 years..

extermin8or1502d ago

i agree, didn't feel like there will be enough content from what they re saying and what i saw in the 'beta' (demo) infact I've cancelled my order to wait for the inevitable "complete edition" with all the dlc.

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