PlayStation 2 outselling Xbox 360 in US

Like a good soccer match, the monthly sales battles between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 2 have a lot of exciting back-and-forth. So far, however, the PlayStation 2 has remained in control of the match, outselling the Xbox 360 in six of the seven months since the Xbox 360's debut. The situation is a strong reminder that Sony's PS3 gamble, while huge, has a little more cushioning than is commonly recognized.

Since the release of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has averaged 246,000 console sales each month in the US, while the PS2 has seen an average of 473,000 units-a number bolstered by an estimated 1.5 million sales in December alone. Leaving out December, Sony's average drops to 302,000 per month, still outpacing the Xbox 360 by a healthy margin.

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Wotbot5479d ago

The console is cheap now and has a sh#t load of games, it kind of makes sense really.

And based on this information it’s a good sign of things to come for the 360, as the PS3 will have fewer games and will be more expensive.

Shadow5479d ago

While that's certainly possible, this means that Sony is going to have a much larger userbase, and it also means that these late adopters are going to be much more inclined to buy a Sony.

Also, its also likely that they might pick-up a PS3 for the backwards compatability, especially considering they are still purchasing and playing new PS2 games.

Silver3605479d ago

The late adopters are less likely to buy any next gen system at all. Why spend money when you just brought a game system?

ACE5479d ago

theres a lot of people of there heads lol buying a ps2 over a 360 thats madness lol!!


Shadow Flare5478d ago

sony has a much larger fanbase and the fanbase will generally like playstation gmaes. As an earlier article showed on this website, a survey proved that people would buy a ps3 despite the price, 'because they want it'.

And the xbox 360 shortage is over. They've been in good supply for a while now.

All i'm saying is, shouldn't the xbox 360 be selling more than a ps2? Hahaha the ps2 is like a 6 year old console, the 360 is like 8 months or something, and ps2 still outsells it? 8 months is enough time for microsft to sort out any problems about supply or whateva they had. It just show people prefer playstation.


Makes me laugh, some xbox fanboy a while ago claimed 360 was selling more than ps2. Cough where's your proof? got my proof, in this article! Geez, how embarressing for microsoft


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Capt CHAOS5479d ago

Not good, I don't understand why the Xbox isn't selling better in there..
Well I do actually, but just a shame..

clayton5479d ago

Actually this is very good news for microsoft, both consoles are at different points in their lifespan, one is $129 and one $299(core). When a next-gen console beats out a last-gen console that is way cheaper, like microsoft did in may this shows that the 360 is selling well and will continue to do so. It is more bleak for Sony, since their next gen dvd player will be released in november to replace the PS2.

andy capps5479d ago

The PS2 has outsold the Xbox 360 6 months out of 7. I don't see how that's good for MS, and I'm not trying to make a joke out of it.

XboxKing5479d ago

I see what your saying so think of it like this

PS2 vs PS3

Shadow Flare5478d ago

People Love PlayStation

You must be joking to think this article is good news for microsoft

greenlynxx5479d ago

Of course this makes sense. It takes consoles time to game momentum. We are talking about two consoles that dramatically different in price, $400 vs $130 dollars. We are also talking about completely different type of gaming consumers. Most of the people who are buying PS2's at this point (unless they are replacing a broken one) are either very casual gamers and/or are just getting into gaming. This is the perfect time to buy a PS2 for this type of consumer since everything is cheap and there are tons of games available. I really don't think this comparison is apples to apples.

This comparison is like saying DVD players are outselling HD DVD or Blue Ray players. Can we really be surprised at this?

clayton5479d ago

Why would they purchase a PS3 if they just purchased a PS2, wouldn't it make since to wait and buy the PS3 since it is backwards compatible.

bernie5479d ago

A few of my friends who had sold their PS2's in anticipation of a PS3, were so disappointed with Sony's PS3 showing at E3 that they decided it wasn't worth the money and repurchased a PS2.

Joe Schmoe5479d ago

This is not the case with everyone I know but my brother just went out and bought a new PS2 because his broke and he still plans on buying a ps3 when it comes out. Some people just dont want to go with out that and he was in the middle of the game Champions of norath. Great game by the way as a multiplayer

Capt CHAOS5477d ago

Especially since it looks the PS3 may contain PS2 hardware to ensure backward compatibility..