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Metro Redux comes to us from 4A Games and is the latest remastered game for current generation consoles and PC. Including Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light together in a bundle for $50 is a good deal(as compared to the Tomb Raider and The Last of Us remasters), or if you’d prefer, they can be bought individually for half the price. As far as re-releases for the new-gen systems are concerned, Metro Redux sports the biggest overhaul at least with regards to Metro 2033. It utilizes the game engine from its sequel, meaning user interface and stuff such as AI will be identical across both games. Both releases come with any dlc and can be played in any of two distinct modes. Survivor mode is akin the original Metro 2033 with resource management and ammo scarcity whereas Spartan mode skews toward Last Light‘s more action oriented ammo heaven, but what if you haven’t played either game and are jumping in for the first time now?

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1nsomniac1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Being someone who complains a lot about unrealistic high scores. I actually think that this game deserves a little higher.

Having both Metro games on my gaming rig PC playing at ultra settings (monitor only displays upto 1080p though) I didnt enjoy them anywhere even slightly near as much as I've enjoyed replaying the Redux editions on PS4. It's shocked me just how much its surprised me.

Darkwatchman1507d ago

The bugs along with immersion ruining dated animation and character models are mainly what held it back from scoring higher.