Blue Dragon 2 Confirmed

Speaking with renowned Japanese publication Famitsu, Mistwalker's Hironubo Sakaguchi has confirmed that development on a sequel to the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG, Blue Dragon, is already underway. He also used the article to confirm development on another title, called Cry On - an action RPG to be released in the second half of 2007.

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PS360WII4375d ago

US didn't even get the original yet. They're making sequals way to soon now-a-days

frostbite064375d ago

Chill dude. Japan hasnt even gotten the original yet.

PS360PCROCKS4375d ago

hmm looks like blue dragon, and GOW will be the big system games sequel wise this round for the 360

assjacket4375d ago

I just bought FF3 for my DS and it's gotten me back into the turn based RPG, after years of not playing them. FF3 is really old school, so I can't wait for Blue Dragon with what looks to be awesome graphics and all the improvements you would expect from a new RPG game. It's a day one buy for this guy!