Amy “A young woman bound by silence” trailer released today on YouTube

A new trailer was uploaded onto YouTube today which revealed that the fan favourite character Amy is now in Soul Calibur Lost Swords.

The article also briefly explains what players can expect in Soul Calibur Lost Swords.

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Hendrickson1505d ago

Free to Play with mini transactions hmm. I would rather pay the normal price tag and have no mini transactions. What's the bet that in order to win in later levels your going to need the best gear. Which of course you can only buy!

Gearfox1505d ago

That's actually a major problem people have with the game. That and the fact that they removed a ton of moves from a fighting game.

gangsta_red1505d ago

I agree, which is why I don't think F2P model for consoles is going to be around in the long run. Maybe if someone finds the right balance then maybe but as of now it feels like an incomplete game that you have to keep sinking money in to get a full experience.

blackblades1505d ago

As one of the people that plays it, I haven't spent a dime, I got good equipment and I beat every new quest with no problem. So your comment is a load of bull same for everyone else.

SpiralTear1505d ago

Lost Swords is an incomplete game propped up by microtransactions. No thanks.

caseh1505d ago

Fan favourite haha, scrub favourite more like it.

FamilyGuy1505d ago

I stopped playing this about a week after downloading, it just got boring fast. Usually I love the Soul Calibur series but without the vs mode and a serious lack of characters in the roster it wasn't even worth keeping. I still have SC4 and SC5 to play with friends.

Gearfox1505d ago

Why? She's a great fighter and I'm pretty sure feminists have enough ammunition against this series thanks to Ivy.

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