Governments step up blogger arrests

Ars Technica writes: "No matter what you think of blogging, Internet-based citizen journalism is a real threat, not just to traditional media business models but to totalitarian governments. How do we know that bloggers are drawing blood? Because some governments are hitting back harder and harder; last year saw a tripling in the number of bloggers arrested around the world compared to 2006, according to a report from the University of Washington.
"Last year, 2007, was a record year for blogger arrests, with three times as many as in 2006. Egypt, Iran and China are the most dangerous places to blog about political life, accounting for more than half of all arrests since blogging became big," said Assistant Professor Phil Howard, lead author of the World Information Access Report."

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Imallvol73961d ago

It's good to be an American.

iceice1233961d ago

Also in before militant european makes a bad joke.

G1TR4P3D3961d ago

lmfao. you're joking, right? you do realize the New World Order Elite are plotting to not only destroy our country and rights, but to make these things perfectly legal over here, and in fact, have already done so.

wake up.

Imallvol73960d ago

G1TR4P3D - First of all nice username. Too bad the elitist took it away from you . . . oh yeah, thats right THEY DIDNT. You can still talk all the bs you want and have all the disrespectful usernames like the one above and no one can do sh*t about it because its limiting your right to free speech. People abuse the hell out of it, but I am glad its there and americans will never have it any other way. ITS A DEMOCRACY. And even if the patriot act is in effect. Who the hell cares. If your doing something illegal, you deserve to get caught.

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rbanke3961d ago

oh, how i long for the day when the word 'blog' disapeared.

Xbox is the BEST3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

America is next. Thanks to the Patriot Act

FordGTGuy3961d ago

If it goes against the Constitution or the Bill Of Rights it will be marked unconstitutional and removed. Thats the great thing about America and that is why our Constitution is the oldest in use.

G1TR4P3D3961d ago

Sorry, too late. The Elite already destroyed our constitution and bill of rights. america is finished. first they plan 911 for the fake war in Iraq, now they will destroy america from the inside. it's all planned. has been for years.

G1TR4P3D3961d ago

why the f*ck would I want to watch some youtube crap about rebuilding the WTC site?

you need to get your priorities strait, brainwashed neocon.

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gaminoz3961d ago

It's good to be an Australian too (without the patriot act).

Imallvol73960d ago

Lol. People never cease to amaze me. Look at all the morons talking about how we have already lost free speech. Even if they were using the patriot act, you wouldn't be toted away unless you were breaking the law. We already know you can still talk bad about the government. Just listen to any crazy conspiracy theorist (see above) and then note that they were allowed and encouraged to have their own opinion, yet they continue to claim they have lost their rights.