How Nintendo is Getting DLC Right

To say that Nintendo has been slow to embrace many modern elements of gaming would be a massive understatement. They avoided HD and online gaming like the plague all the way up to the Wii U, and even now many of their efforts still feel half-baked. However, I don't want to discuss their failures, or where they need work. Rather, I want to talk about what they are doing right, and that would be downloadable content.

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annoyedgamer2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Judging by what "modern elements" entails I am happy that Nintendo is/are slow to change.

randomass1712581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

It looks like they got it right though. Seems like their caution paid off this time.

ABizzel12581d ago

Unfortunately most are the most beneficial such as technology, online infrastructure, etc...

NukaCola2581d ago

I hope more games get the crossover SMASH themes. Im bored with Mario this and that. Nintendo needs to get the whole gang out more.

randomass1712581d ago

Good thing the only new Mario game on the way is Mario Maker. And hopefully more stuff like Splatoon and Pokken are on the way. :)

DragoonsScaleLegends2581d ago

I already purchased both dlc for Mario Kart 8 but I think the releases are spread out too much.

annoyedgamer2581d ago

That's because they actually develop the dlc after the game and not cut content from the game to sell later like EA.

Summons752581d ago

Activision is a huge culprit of this...

Lord_Sloth2581d ago

^ Yes but it isn't cool to hate Activision for doing the exact same thing.

SG1_dapunisherX2581d ago

nothing is worst then capcom

ABizzel12581d ago

Capcom >>>> Activision & EA

randomass1712581d ago

They're all terrible with it if you ask me. Few developers get it right.

zugdar2581d ago

Nailed it. You win today sir.

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Konman722581d ago

I kind of understand, but with a game that has long legs like Mario Kart I think it works. I am just about to get tired of the original tracks and the new ones are around the corner. Then when I finish those up the next one will be coming soon as well. And like annoyedgamer said, they are making the DLC after the game is done. Unless you want cut content you have to handle the wait.

desolationstorm2581d ago

The only thing that drove me crazy is the character and cup icons are there just teasing.

It made me laugh but I was like WHY Nintendo must you tease me?

Nevers0ft2581d ago

I reckon it's part of Nintendo's plan for a year long promotion for MarioKart 8. Approximately 6 months and 12 months after release (give or take) - it's cleverly calculated to drag us all back to MK8 as the hype tails-off.

ABizzel12581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Double post -_-

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WeAreLegion2581d ago

I like what we're getting with Mario Kart 8. I already pre-ordered the bundle. Getting free characters already was cool, too! Now, if only we can get a proper battle mode.

wonderfulmonkeyman2581d ago

There's just one very important question that this DLC brings to light...

Where the flying Hylian f*** did Link learn to drive a go-cart, let alone a motorcycle?!

Apologies. I just had to.XD

Chrischi19882581d ago

What makes me wonder is, that the Tri Force Cup is in the same line with the old tracks. I thought we get 4 new and 4 old ones per DLC. But there was never a Hyrule Track or whatsoever.

randomass1712580d ago

lol But when has logic ever factored into Mario Kart? :P

CaptainYesterday2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

It's so weird seeing Link in a kart

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