Spong Interviews: Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

Spong writes: "It's no secret that Rare is… well, secretive. The developers there are famous for not wanting to be famous. That means that when someone offers you the chance to go see them, you bloody well get on a train and brave the perils of Birmingham to get there.

Yes, Birmingham! Fortunately, Rare has its own little patch of paradise somewhere near Twycross. Heading up the lengthy drive (after nearly missing the somewhat hidden gate) and watching rabbits dart across it and ducks waddle down the side of it, it's amazing to think that Rare didn't made a game about rearing wildlife before the original Viva Piñata hit the Xbox 360.

But, for whatever reason, it didn't. Fortunately, that situation has been remedied and the second game in the series – Pocket Paradise – is heading to the Nintendo DS (a natural fit if ever you saw one) this September."

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