How long will a free PSN last?

With PSN improving by the day and catching up to Xbox Live, how will Sony manage to keep this growing service free of charge?

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DrWan3962d ago

As long as Home can be launch soon, Sony has nothing to worry about in terms of making enough money to keep PSN free. Home will feature ads in forms of banners and virtual space. Home will feature extra big apartment that player can buy (revenue as well), probably also some sort of auction house for user generated content which Sony will probably take a few % of the profit. Also company who has their own interactive space will probably be able to sell stuff in Home and Sony will also take a cut of that too. Also real life company like Adidas can sell virtual shoes and of course Sony will act as the government, and there is something called Sales Tax.

With all these sales tax, PSN will be free, and it will even be profitable. That's not including what Qore is doing, which will expand that revenue

Rourker3962d ago

Home will have adds in it, and if sony keeps it free then they know the maximum amount of people will be on it, because they can. and companies will know that too therefore buying add spaces in home because lots of people will see them. In the end keeping it free might infact make them more money. It would be dumb to charge for it in my opinion.

games4fun3962d ago

how much is good pr and having a competitive edge worth? i bought the ps3 partially because the online is free. Its also good for people when they compare it to other consoles tell me how would sony have done in its early years if psn also cost money on top of the costly initial price? I think it would have done even worse. Also adding a cost to psn is a PR nightmare i'll tell you ill be a little angry if it does and i think sony knows it too.

ReBurn3962d ago

If Home is nothing but a big advertising forum I won't use it. Not that I would use it anyway.

TheExecutive3962d ago

Home wouldnt be any different then anything you see walking down the street.

I am in the beta and I cant wait for E3 so I can walk around in a virtual space checking out all of the cool booths. They will have it (I hope).

potenquatro3961d ago

good point. however i think they will end up charging anyway, and i don't mind because if it's good service i'll support it. i think they'll end up charging because for it to be paid completely by ads PSN has to have a HUGE number of clients, in fact be the network of choice. i don't think PSN can do that without Sony investing alot of money to hold back LIVE and that big of an investment will force Sony to charge, and you know MS has some spending money to back up LIVE.

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toughNAME3962d ago

I strongly urge you all to read the article and not just the title. This suggestion applies to ALL articles.

thekingofMA3962d ago

apparently people disagree with that extreme logic and truth, as you currently have 6 disagrees...

Britjadg3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

"The Playstation Network has only slightly improved in the eighteen months it’s been on the market and as of now the loser of the online component in the console war. As with other components, the Xbox 360 is the clear winner and all of the above features (and more) that may come…will only come in the future. " (from the article)

piss poor article, coz wii's online component is fantastic isn't it? at best sony comes second place to MS this gen and thats if you believe this sh1t that p2p online is better than faster DEDICATED servers. if i could underline dedicated i would....several times.

doshey3962d ago

when they want to start ripping off people like m$ does for online

Dooditsmiguel3962d ago

free is Sony's middle name lol
but yeah it would be a stupid move if they decide to charge for online play

heroman7113962d ago

im pretty sure sony would lose alot of online users if they did that and im pretty sure sony also knows too