Could Minecraft Be Coming to PS4 Today?

"As we all know, Minecraft is coming to the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Vita, and the Xbox One soon, but the former of those choices may be getting it in today’s update."
Updated: Minecraft was not in this week's PlayStation update.

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qwerty6762420d ago

just curious will we be able to upload our 360 files saves to ps4?

ForgottenProphecy2420d ago

I seriously doubt it, but I know you can upload PS3 saves to the PS4, and 360 saves to the Xbox One

Geekman2420d ago

Eh. I always enjoy starting new Adventures. If I had done more in the 360 version maybe I'd be more angry.

Rockefellow2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Nevermind. Waste of time.