PressSpotting: Qore values

GameSpot journalist Kyle Orland shares his opinion on the PSN's new gaming service, Qore:

"When a console maker and a publishing house get together to create an "official" editorial product, the result usually straddles the fuzzy line between editorial independence and official access. Even if the actual content is fair and duly critical of the licensing company, there's still the problem of perception. Without clear lines of division between promotion and editorial, readers might well wonder where the "official" part of the title ends and the independent voice of the editors begins.

This fuzzy line gets even fuzzier with Qore, a first-of-its-kind downloadable "interactive" magazine for the PlayStation 3. Qore is created by Future Publishing (the house behind all three "official" console magazines) but "presented by the PlayStation Network," making for a product that is a confusing hybrid of advertising and editorial that often ends up feeling more like the former than the latter."

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DrWan3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Ok, so you guys were saying before because of Qore, we will now have less content on PSN because more will be pushed to the paid subscription . But it's been out for a month, this does not seemed to be the case at all. We are still getting constant stream every thursday and we all know that they can't do a world-beta or else who the hell will buy the SOCOM when it comes out if everyone got bored of it already. The whole point of beta is for dev. to stamp out bugs, it is NOT to satisfy their fans. Most ppl dont seem to understand that. If i am the developer, I would actually try to limit my beta, because I am trying to test the bugs and since the servers are not ready, I am not ready to stress the server..because I know it will crash, so what's the point.

Anyways, just my opinion that Qore is NOT XBL gold or whatever, it's just what it is. a official playstation magazine, will you get propagandas on it? of course, you will probably NEVER see a segment that they bad mouth any game on Qore, but I am sure most ppl will be smart enough to figure things out for themselves.