Astro announces their Halo-branded A50s at PAX Prime

As we reported in June, ASTRO and 343 Industries are currently partnering to bring us a special Halo Edition of the popular A50 line, and ASTRO took to PAX to make the reveal.

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ScorpiusX3198d ago

Will buy those only if MS release a 2TB Halo 5 Guardian console in that same color pattern.

n4rc3198d ago

Rumored $429? Ouch

The turtle beach 500x seems like a way better deal.. Fully wireless for $229

Wonder what the difference in performance is like for double the price

Dasteru3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

Wireless is a gimick, it reduces sound quality.

For $429, stick with a proper pair of stereo headphones, a mod mic & a desktop DAC with Dolby headphone/HT. Much better sound quality, much better Mic quality.

Personal recommendation:

That works out about $115 cheaper than the A50s and is better in every way.

Peppy la Moca3198d ago

How is wireless a gimmick? It's about convenience and comfort.

Chimichanga3198d ago (Edited 3198d ago )

You may have a superior sounding set up there, but Astro's wireless doesn't sound bad at all. I've had Astro A40's with the 5.8 ghz wireless mixamp for a few years. It sounds great. I've had zero wireless interference or any problems of any kind. It's a quality product that allows me to sit about 12 feet from my console without my dogs running into cords strung across the room.

BiggCMan3198d ago

The regular A50 is 299, and please believe me that it is the greatest experience ever.

You know that static you get when you have the volume too high on pretty much any speaker? Whether a TV, headphones, or stereo systems?

With the A50, I never get any of that at the highest volumes/bass levels EVER. They are absolutely wonderful, and best described as a movie theater on your head.

I always thought Turtle Beach was very overrated, but to be quite fair I've never used one of their higher tier devices, only the mid level crap around 50-150 bucks.

With that said, if this is going to be that expensive, it's bullshit. Just get the regular A50 because it's the same. And personally I think the original smooth color/design is great.

Dasteru3198d ago

You do not get that on proper hifi headphones either. The static is usually caused either by the speakers being too high sensitivity along with pre-amp/source signal leak (HT Speakers) or low SNR (Headphones). It could also be caused by the source material being low quality and the speakers/headphones being highly detailed to the point of revealing the source defects. That shouldn't happen with well made game audio though.

MadLad3198d ago

I really like the look, but it's not worth the cost of switching out my current A50's, simply for an aesthetic change.

SSJBen3198d ago

People who buy Astro A50s deserves to be cheated in the marketing hype.

Just saying.

SonyAddict3198d ago

I own a40s and a30s and I love can't get any better and they are worth every penny!.

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