Woman says Wii dancing game saved her life

Britain's Daily Mail tabloid can usually be relied upon to run stories that are hostile to video games, revealing the "chilling truth" behind hit games and their "morally immature" imprint on young minds. But today, the newspaper is running a story about a woman who credits playing a Nintendo Wii game, with saving her life.

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lilbroRx3078d ago

These are the types of things I like about Nintendo.

Dunban673078d ago

Was this article incomplete? It did not explain how the lady credits the Wii -

16bitNutritionist3078d ago

I think its saying that playing the Wii caused her to wee which made her see the docs as it had never happened before which in turn discovered the cancer.

3078d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman3078d ago

A fellow Aspie! Nice to meet ya!

shaw983078d ago

Nice to meet you too. :D

DxTrixterz3078d ago

Question is will ANY media publish this POSITIVE news about gaming?

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