Why don’t you own a Wii U?

A no-frills Xbox One will set you back £350 at the moment and a PlayStation 4 more like £400. There are less games to play on either and I’m pretty bored of hearing about how bad the new release schedule is looking. So why not give the Wii U a go? The bigger question is what’s stopping you?

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iamnsuperman3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

"A no-frills Xbox One will set you back £350 at the moment and a PlayStation 4 more like £400. There are less games to play on either and I’m pretty bored of hearing about how bad the new release schedule is looking. So why not give the Wii U a go? The bigger question is what’s stopping you?"

I think I can answer this for the point of view of a normal consumer. You can't play AC Unity, No COD, No Destiny. For them investing in a Wii U makes no sense. You can't play some of the biggest titles. Now if you like Nintendo software then maybe the Wii U is for you but it is a big compromise especially getting the Wii U first. Then you have to think how often Nintendo are releasing their own software. They can only do so much (these two factors stop the general consumer jumping on it)

Also side note but if you "shop around" for the PS4 you can go sub 300. The Destiny bundle is 349 and a "no thrills" box is £339 . £400 is way off

ChickeyCantor3083d ago

"For them investing in a Wii U makes no sense. You can't play some of the biggest titles"

You are insinuating that non of these people own a PC.

iamnsuperman3083d ago

You are insinuating the normal consumer has a powerful enough PC or a gaming PC at all

ChickeyCantor3083d ago

"these people" didn't trigger anything for you, did it?

pcz3083d ago

reasons why i dont own a wiiu:

-too expensive. needs to be at least £100 cheaper considering that its specs are practically last gen.

-not enough AAA games. yes it has good games, but not games worth buying the console for

desy643083d ago

"Normal consumer", "general consumer"...your arguments are pretty weak.

Or they could go hand-to-hand with: more is better, size matters...

WiiU has great games.FACT
There's enough (possibly) great games coming to WiiU.FACT
If you miss Nintendo software you're missing some of the most creative games any platform can offer you.FACT

Back to you, with your "normal" tastes. Why don't you go listen to Justin Bieber? Or watch some crappy american blockbuster? "Normal" consumers do it. So take a lesson here, never make that kind of assumption again. Forget not: "normal" consumers were buying wiis not so long ago...

iamnsuperman3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

And yet none of what you just said is related to the article at hand. The author queries why people are not buying the Wii U. I merely stated why would they bother when they miss out on some of the biggest video games/franchises of all time. That right there is the reasons and a very good one at that

You can push your "facts" all you like but the end result is meaningless. Those "facts" have put the Wii U in a position where it is selling a lot less than their least successful units the GameCube (which did 10 million in 24 months in a climate where sales of video game consoles was much slower than it is today). Should we just ignore that observation? Or should we point out why that may be happening (you know responding to the article)

ChickeyCantor3083d ago

And you're obviously forgetting that PC games come with tweaking options. Low settings run easily on the average pc.

desy643083d ago

My comment was to you as you were only making assumptions.
Listen, normal people love Nintendo games. Normal people love third party franchises like you said. It is just a matter of numbers, how many, etc.

The author says: games are here, why don't you buy them? Your answer makes no sense. My answer: the ones who want, will do.

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Paprika3083d ago

The witcher 3, mass effect 4, uncharted 4, quantum break, destiny, GTA v, cod to name a few.

But you should own a Wii u for its game library... they're still awesome!

lilbroRx3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

PC and Wii U are all you need now. The best games on the other console are even better on the PC, so I see no reason to own one of the other console's yet.

Bayonetta 2, Devil's Third and Xenoblade Cross, though. That's the type of stuff one should get a console for. That and the gamepad. Praise be to the gamepad.

MasterCornholio3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

"PC and Wii U are all you need now"

I disagree Nintendo fan. In my opinion if your gaming on a budget (or for other reasons a gaming PC isn't feasible) the best way to go is with a Wii U (gamepad) and PS4 (superior multiplatz). However getting an Xbox One is a valid option as well but I prefer the PS4.

I hope I didn't offend you with my comment.


lilbroRx3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I'm not a Nintendo fan. I'm a PC gamer.

I just find the Wii U to be the best out of the console offerings being that it is the only console that offers me something I want that I can't get better on my PC both in game control and game content.

You don't have to be a fan of a company to like its products. Though, around here and to people like you, any form of support for Nintendo makes a person a Nintendo fanboy apparently.

The only console company I was ever a fan of was SEGA and they no longer make consoles. For me, Nintendo is a lesser SEGA. I wouldn't own a current gen console right now if it wasn't for the Wii U gamepad.

Chrischi19883083d ago

See, this is where you are wrong. If you are gaming on a budget, then PC gaming is for you. Steam games, PC games in general are much cheaper to get. If you are a so called hardcore gamer, who buys around 10 games per year, then you will actually save a lot of money.

MasterCornholio3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )


"Steam games"

I like owning physical copies.



"I'm a PC gamer."

But you own a Wii U which makes you a multiplatform gamer.

"Though, around here and to people like you, any form of support for Nintendo makes a person a Nintendo fanboy apparently."

Nope its just you. A Nintendo fan isn't the same thing as a Nintendo fanboy. Fanboy are those irrational morons who latch themselves onto a brand. You like Nintendo products a lot so by definition you are a fan of them. Not a fanboy though. Want examples of Nintendo fanboys? Just look up Wii U Lee and you'll understand what I mean.

Thanks for being civilized with your comment though. I really appreciate that.


P.S SEGA was the bomb back in those days. Now they are just a mediocre firm. Damn I enjoyed the heck out of my Megadrive and Genesis.

calvincrack3083d ago

Did he really just call somone "nintendo fan"?

Thats a pretty broad accusation.

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deafdani3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

I think you generalize a bit too much. Thing is, the PS4, PC and Xbox One all share multiplatform games in common (with the obvious graphics / performance quirks of each system), so what makes all these platforms alluring are, in fact, their exclusives (generally speaking).

The Wii U is the perfect companion console. People generally buy it for the strength of its exclusives alone.

So, the best combo is Wii U + whichever other console has the exclusives that interest you most, because they are all in the same ground (more or less) when it comes to multiplatform stuff.

Ck1x3083d ago

Yeah but this is not the argument that most people tend to use though. Most people continue to say that this and that multiplat game isn't on the WiiU, so that's why you should own a PS4 or XbOne. Personally because of Steam sales, I would totally pick a gaming PC over the other 2 for 3rd party games. If Nintendo was very smart, this is the core gamers that they need to appeal to! Start an aggressive partnership with AMD to give rebates towards a new WiiU for anyone that's purchased a midrange to high end graphics card recently. Something like that could really take off! PC gamers that buy consoles, totally do it for the exclusive games primarily.

DualWielding3083d ago

yes the Wii U is a better console than PS4 and XBONE now.... but that's only cuz its been out longer...... by December 2015 you'll look at the 3 consoles libraries and the Wii U will clearly be the weakest.....

I personally don't own either of the 3, the XBONE and PS4 have no games that interest me... Why don't I buy a Wii U? well because I have a PS3, a 3DS and Vita all who are still getting great games... no need to rush buy a next gen console before the games for them are out

hatsume-miku3083d ago

Do you really think that by december 2015 it will be the weakest? In 2015 there are many great games coming to WiiU. And others will be announced by the next E3 (finger crossed for Metroid). It's all a matter of tastes...

Chrischi19883083d ago

December 2015:

Wii U Lineup: Zelda Wii U, Smash Bros and its DLCs, Mario Kart with DLCs, Splatoon, Xenoblade and many more...

Non of the others have games like these announced. At least non of the Zelda caliber.

DualWielding3083d ago

Wii U: games by Nintendo and third party games published by Nintendo like Bayonetta, Lego games, Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Just Dance

Xbone: Games by Microsoft, Rise of the Tomb Raider, all third party multiplatforms

Sony: Games by Sony, Japanese games like Guilty Gear and Hyperdimension Neptunia, all third party multiplatforms.....

Nintendo is just one company, the Wii U does not have third party support... Once all third party developers move to Next Gen Wii U will be left behind just like the Wii was... with the sales of the PS4, the jump by third party developers to next gen will come sooner than anyone expected

hatsume-miku3083d ago

Lego Games, Skylander, Just Dance published by Nintendo? Check better next time...
In 2015 the WiiU has something like one big game per month. And now that the sales are increasing the third partys will come back.

deafdani3083d ago

While it's quite possible that the PS4 and Xbox One could EVENTUALLY surpass the Wii U in terms of games because of their third party support, I think 2015 is a bit too early for that.

As other people pointed out, Nintendo already has a lot of BIG exclusive stuff coming out in 2015. Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles X alone will probably be among the best games of next year, if not the very best. It will be pretty hard for Sony and Microsoft to compete with that.

Then there's the other stuff like Yoshi's Wooly World, Kirby, Splatoon, Devil's Third, etc. Also, Miyamoto himself is working on the new Star Fox game, which is also supposed to release next year (although I think it will be delayed, but who knows.

So yeah, if Sony and Microsoft catch up to Ninty in games, I believe that could maybe happen in 2016. Before that? A bit unlikely, seeing all the stuff Nintendo has in the works already.

MadLad3083d ago

If you primarily game on PC, the Wii U is the only console even remotely worth owning at the moment.

clouds53083d ago

Agreed but if you've never owned a ps3 it's a good moment to pick one up cheap and used. Great exclusives.

MadLad3083d ago

Grabbed mine last Black Friday. Came with the Last of Us.

deafdani3083d ago

Who could disagree with this? Whoever buys a PS3 right now would be in for a massive treat, at a stupidly cheap price.

Sly-Lupin3082d ago

The only *new* *home* console worth owning.

The PS3 and 3DS and Vita are all pretty damn appealing, too.

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