Check out The Last of Us Rift in Diablo 3 RoS on PS4

Diablo 3 was announced for the PS4 and one of the special things that came with the announcement was a special rift that would randomly generate with The Last of Us infected characters. I had spent a good amount of time playing and finally after a few hundred bounties and rifts it appeared.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3381d ago

just wondering how do we come across this rift? or is it luck?

nX3381d ago

It's luck, from my ca. 40 Rifts I landed about 4 times in it. The TLOU dungeon is by far the hardest because of the spores that deal huge amounts of damage.

@below: I also had Unicorns and Teddybears two times, I love that one :D

taz80803381d ago

The poison damage they deal is a lot and can take out players without resistance

Alexander1Nevermind3379d ago

Yeah I almost got killed myself on torment by looking away for a couple seconds. Still loving this game!!

taz80803381d ago

All the rifts are randomly generated. So there is no way to force any particular rift to pop

Big_Game_Hunters3381d ago

Its called the hidden cow level. Every diablo has one, idk about the ps4 version but in the pc version you find it by crafting the key and it should show up in a ditch type area around act 1.

NexGen3381d ago

That has nothing to do with rifts here. That's for something else entirely, and bring you to whimsyshire...not TLoU level.

MRMagoo1233381d ago

It's not a key either it's a staff , I have it in the ps4 version and the pc version. It's called the staff of herding.

Big_Game_Hunters3381d ago

Hmmm that's right the staff, then the cow god pops up, i haven't played since the first few months of Diablo3's launch on PC so my memory is fuzzy.

Budobear3381d ago

I went to unicorn land last night......that was very weird, got some good stuff from it though.

MAULxx3381d ago

The game is the Bee Knees. Love it. I had never played it before now. I have at Paragon 42 with the Monk.

I got the Teddy Bears once. Haven't saw TLOU one yet so I'm not watching this video.

SirBradders3381d ago

Your right about that the game was mentioned for console. I got the staff of herding so teddy bears and unicorns get slaughtered daily lol.
Paragon 108 crusader.

RondoMachete3381d ago

Just got this today but for the 360 but now I've seen this it's gonna be a first to buy when I get my PS4 in a few weeks. I've just checked the images of this and they look proper. Hats off to Blizzard for doing this.

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Diablo 3 Is Mysteriously Free for XBL Gold Members

For some strange reason, Diablo 3 is free for Xbox Live Gold members today! This is the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition.

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KillBill852d ago

Cloudways Firewall

Blocked because of Malicious Activities

Reference ID: 1629055206107c558b63dc

852d ago
anast852d ago

I'm playing this game at the moment and it feels like a cellphone game. It's okay, but it feels cheap and overly simplified.

852d ago Replies(1)
traumadisaster852d ago

Haven’t played Diablo since the original and I think the last two stayed close to that formula which for the time was said to be good. I didn’t find the game style to my liking and gave up on it. What was considered good pc tech decades ago seems like mobile phone fodder I guess, kind of neat to see the difference over time.

DOMination-852d ago

It's nearly ten years old. The point of the game is not to look good, but to have fun creating a build that can survive on the harder difficulties.


This. End game grinding and pushing your character(s) up the leaderboards.

anast852d ago

Coming from Diablo 2I }always avoided this game, but I went ahead and tried it. I don't get how people think it's a good game. It's okay, but it's crazy how much it isn't good.

Takwin852d ago

It works. I installed it on my Series X. I hope they can't or won't take it away!

852d ago
VenomUK852d ago

@Takwin Make sure to start playing it! Surely they can't rescind your ownership once you've already got a save game file?