Console Monster: Dark Mist Mini-Review

Console Monster writes: "Game Republic have tried to build on their previous success with Folklore, and provide us with a fun and entertaining PlayStation network title - and they've done a pretty good job in the shape of Dark Mist.

The basic gist of the story involves these alien type fantasy creatures who have taken out most of the galaxy, and have now turned their dark and evil charms on "the blue planet". They defeat everyone by utilising darkness. Just when it looks like everything is about to be consumed in the foes Dark Mist (see what they've done there?), you appear with your gleaming bow of light and magical powers to save the day..."

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Silogon3870d ago

1 of the most underrated devs in the world right here. Genji 2 and Folklore are both very solid games and very well put together, graphically and thematically.

muddygamesite3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

yeah i used to have folklore, but sold it cos i got stuck. I got genji days of the blade. need to finish that after ninja gaiden sigma. They are good devs, but they need to find a solution to some frame-rate problems that plague their games.