Console Monster: Roogoo Mini-Review

Console Monster writes: "My first impressions of Roogoo from screenshots and trailers weren't good. Despite being a puzzle game fan, nothing in Roogoo seemed to appeal to me but when I downloaded the trial from the XBOX Live Arcade, I was hooked. The objective in the game is simple. Get the shapes from the top to the bottom through a series of discs which players rotate using the left and right bumpers. Obviously, as player's progress new obstacles and challenges will occur such as Meemoos (ugly purple aliens) standing in the way of your block's paths, which can be defeated by holding A to speed up your block and knocking the Meemoo off the platform. Thankfully, they are the only controls you'll need throughout the single player (but there are additional buttons for the multiplayer).

The story mode in Roogoo is that the planet Roo has been drained of all goodness and meteors are crashing into the planet which the greedy King used to make cities. It's up to the King's son, Prince Moo, to regain happiness to the planet Roo. Roogoo's single player unfortunately doesn't take too long to finish but thankfully there are a few features which will keep you going back for more. Firstly, there are the par times; each level contains a time which players should aim to beat. They only allow players to make very few mistakes and even at times none. Secondly, there is the accuracy level in which players aim to complete the level without losing any blocks..."

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