BioShock iOS | IGN review

If you want a low-stakes return to Rapture, BioShock on iOS might do the trick. If you ratchet the difficulty down and accept the fact that you might not be able to hack every device or plunder every explorable area, having the world of BioShock closer than ever has its own charm.

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gokuking2486d ago

Reminds me of Borderlands 2 on Vita.

Lionalliance2485d ago

Again, why wasn't this on Vita?

HammadTheBeast2485d ago

Probably got paid to keep it exclusive to iOS, or it was easier/cheaper to keep it on iOS. Not on Android either.

voodoochild3462485d ago

Potential sales and cheaper development would be my guess. This why people should care about the sales of their system of choice. If the Vita was selling close to or better than the 3ds, it would get this game for sure since the Vita is perfect for games like this.

BattleAxe2485d ago

I agree with what you are saying, but Sony should have taken better care at the beginning of the Vita's life cycle to ensure that games like Resistance: Burning Skies, and even CoD: Black Ops Declassified were of the highest possible caliber.

Killzone: Mercenary looks awesome, and so does Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but the Vita needed a few more high end titles to drive sales for the system. Sony should have spent some money to get key games like Bioshock onto the Vita within a year and half of the system's release. It's a mystery to me why Sony has made such poor decisions with this device.

voodoochild3462485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

But that's the problem. The Vita has an audience problem in that it's not big enough to rely totally upon them alone and yet their vocal enough to demand Sony make a system so powerful that it's games cost almost the same as a ps3 game to make. That means you have to think long and hard about going too far outside the box when you make games for it.

This leads to many of the Vita games being console ports or console-like games. The problem with this is only a relatively small amount of people are going buy a system to play games many feel are better on console anyway. The games that would really sell the system are games that take advantage of the attributes the Vita has. Once again many developers don't want to do that due to the risk involved.

That's not even touching on the poor decisions Sony's made regarding the memory cards and the high price tag. I've always thought Sony catered and listened to the wrong people when it comes down to their handhelds. They don't seem to realize the console and mobile markets are very different and should be treated as such.

roadkillers2485d ago

Afraid to be the trailer blazers to start the third party Vita movement. Sissies!

Kamikaze1352485d ago

Most likely sales. I love the Vita, but unfortunately, it seems like games don't sell too well on there.

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pop-voxuli2485d ago

This is an abomination and should have never been ported to mobile.

clouds52485d ago

I'd play it on android with a dedicated controller and full features. It's possible, the hardware is there. But mobile users pay for candy crush instead of quality games... weird world right.

edqe2485d ago

Very nice... and this is just beginning.

It would have been interesting to see the game ported for K1 which is much more powerful compared to Apple's SoCs.

I hope Apple wouldn't continue with "Metal" but with OpenGL NG.

TheGamingArt2485d ago

Why do you hope Apple won't continue with Metal? OpenGL in general is an outdated API......

TheGamingArt2485d ago

Sooo, I'm playing it on my iPad Air... and there aren't nearly as many jaggies as showing in this video..... nor is it as muddy....