"New" 3DS Biggest Problem

...and the most important an improved CPU. This last change is the biggest problem.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

Saying the CPU being upgraded to handle more games is a bad thing, is as stupid as condemning the PS4 for splitting the PS3's userbase between those that want more power, and those that want to be able to keep playing their collection of games for free online while still getting new games.

PS3 owners upgraded in droves to PS4 simply BECAUSE the new unit was more powerful, because they knew they’d be getting bigger and better games than the PS3 could offer there eventually.
If Sony isn’t evil for that, then why the hell would Nintendo be considered evil for doing the exact same thing?

Either blame both or blame neither; anything less reeks of bias.

Every company eventually makes a more powerful unit, and it will naturally have bigger games only possible on it available.
At least Nintendo's systems will still allow you to play the most recent gen of games on it natively, and that's important for the people who want to upgrade because it forms a far smaller split.

To use that as a chance to condemn Nintendo just REEKS of a bias that shows there's some sort of anti-Nintendo bent in the gaming media of today.

We should be HAPPY that Nintendo has finally given us a more powerful hand-held, one that we expected at the beginning of the 3DS's life, rather than holding off on it for another 3-5 years.

miidylan1927d ago

Then why did Nintendo not market it as a brand new system? PS4, Xbox One and WiiU are all consoles that got marketed as something brand new unlike what the New 3DS is which is simply marketed as a new model. When you change the components to provide developers to do games only possible on that system then its not the previous system anymore and thus should be marketed as such.

I am happy to see Nintendo putting more power in their handhelds but then again do not sell it as a 3DS model but as something new.

wonderfulmonkeyman1927d ago

I know, and agree. The name is the issue, but most definitely not the power.

DualWielding1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

the problem is that is not a new 3DS, is not a jump like DS to 3DS but a jump like DS to DSi except this time there will be retail titles that would be fully uncompatible with the previous iteration.

If this was a fully new console that's even more powerful than the Vita, then reaction will be different...

32X, Sega CD, 64DD, all of those failed for good reason... either you offer a new system or you keep the old system..... hardware fragmentation is doomed to fail in consoles, the only reason it worked with the DSi is because the fragmentation didn't affect retail titles only DSiware which most people didn't care for

RPGrinder1926d ago

DSi had exclusive titles. No difference. And it sold gangbusters.

There is no logical reason for thinking this will not be big

RPGrinder1926d ago

Is this article serious? Does he not even know Nintendo handheld history?

The system is NOTHING but a good thing