The Good, The Bad, The Hardcore

Allen of Gamer Assault Weekly takes a look at some of the good, the bad and some of the most hardcore games.

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FrostbiteGhost1515d ago

The Pay Day 2 story makes me laugh every time.

nick47611515d ago

Outlast was probably one of the scariest games I've played. I'm glad I got that free on my PS4. I have a feeling that Silent Hills will be scarier though.

FrostbiteGhost1515d ago

Outlast made me scream like a man girl more than once

ReiMoon1515d ago

Have you played the Prequel? Scary as shit.

FrostbiteGhost1515d ago

what prequel? the whistleblower?

Tiqila1514d ago

"the most hardcore, depressing, heart stopping moment came when I died the first time while playing as Ellie. I’m the older brother to two girls close in Ellie’s age (in fact one of them is her age) so I absolutely dread anything happening to females in general, it’s even worse when it happens to kids."

Was it painful when you discovered that princess peach was brought to another castle?