Evolve delayed so Turtle Rock could feel "good about it"

GR-UK writes: We sat down for a chat with Turtle Rock Studios' Phil Robb to learn more about the work that has gone into Evolve and the recent delay.

"Coming out of all of our events and coming out of the alpha we saw a lot of things that were underscored," says Robb. "So we said 'you know what, people are confused we're not really doing a good job of communicating how this certain feature works'. We wanted time to be able to address that... at the end of the day it didn't really buy us a lot of time, because time flies and there's a lot of things that we want to do, but we felt like the extra couple of months would really allow us to put that last layer of spit shine on it and make it something that we can really feel good about."

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ScorpiusX2481d ago

Fall 2014 is beginning to loose it luster with all these delays.

qwerty6762481d ago

to much competition. people only have so much money.

and they would have choosen tried and true old ips like cod, Halo, AC, Farcry. over a new shooter ip like evolve.

spacedelete2481d ago

this is why devs are stupid for not releasing games in the summer. all the gaming nerds like us don't go out and have nothing new to play and then they all release at the same time and most of them flop. i think its time developers get punished and fined for delaying a game and if they rush it and it is broken and unplayable then they should get fined as well.

Tito082481d ago

@Spacedelete- Summer isn't usually a good time to release new games because that's where everyone's outside going to the beach or any other activity.

A lot of these delays are done for either because they don't want to release alongside another game or just simply as a marketing tactic, because I lost count on the many so called "delayed" games is not even funny anymore, of course there might be those that needs more time to develop, but I'm very sure delays are used to create hype, look at Naughty Dogs, Kojima and some other developers, they haven't set a specific date for their games and then all of a sudden delay it, and now with pretty much all devices are developer-friendly, it's apparent and evident these delays are nothing but a marketing to create more hype.

Tito082481d ago

And what I think the industry should do is making those yearly games like COD and AC as summer releases because I know for a fact, if it wasn't because these games always comes out during the holidays, there wouldn't be that many delays, but Activision, EA and Ubisoft are already known for bringing the same bullcrap every holiday season.

SLUG2481d ago

i all readly buy the game just have to wait for it to come out but i'm ok if they delay it they are making it a better game

Spotie2481d ago

That's fine by me. Just make a quality game.