Gamedaily: R-Type Command Review

Gamedaily writes: "First appearing in local arcades over 20 years ago, the R-Type franchise established itself as one of the premier horizontally scrolling shooters and has a long legacy of highly regarded sequels and upgrades. R-Type Command is the first time the series hits the PSP, but it does so in an unusual fashion. Ditching its roots as a shoot 'em up (or shmup, for short), R-Type Command trades in frenzied action for a more tactile approach: turn-based combat. While this may come as a blow to fans that were expecting another bullet-filled romp through space, this iteration does a fine job of successfully melding the new play type with the venerable license.

Not all is peaceful in the void of space. R-Type fans are long familiar with the battle of man vs. the Bydo Empire, an evil alien race bent on the destruction of humankind. This time they breached our defenses and entered into the solar system. As such, players will command their fleets amidst familiar locations such as the rings of Saturn and Neptune's moon, Triton. The game presents the stages with an eclectic mix of 2-D and 3-D. Throughout the course of a stage, you'll view most of these units within nicely rendered real-time cut scenes, so the decision to make the units on the battlefield static 2-D sprites is baffling and look ugly set against 3-D backdrops."

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