Xbox One Update: New Media Player App, SmartGlass Features, and More Rolling Out Today

Majro Nelson:

Today, we will begin rolling out new features and updates to Xbox One for fans all over the world. These updates include new ways to bring your personal media to your Xbox, updates to the party system, more ways to interact with your Xbox, and new social features for Xbox SmartGlass. We highlighted some of these new features earlier this month at gamescom, and based on continuous fan feedback, we’re pleased to announce the list of the features rolling out to Xbox One systems over the next few days:

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Jacktrauma3078d ago

ERMAGURD! An XBOX One post! WEWT! (Not a troll...pretty stoked actually)

Sayai jin3078d ago

It's a really good update. I got a chance to preview it and leave feedback...MP3 support, boot to tv, etc. They fix a few bugs as well.

HugoDrax3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Microsoft is hard at work, and it's good that the SEP update released for everyone in August :-) I for one love the boot to tv feature, now when there is a power outage and I'm not home, the fam can continue watching tv uninterrupted.

Looking forward to the more streamlined social features using smartglass, and can't wait to clean up my game clips all at once :-). I literally was just trying to figure out how to copy all my PS4 clips/images at once to an external yesterday? I know this is about XB1, but if it's possible please let me know. Thanks.

4Sh0w3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Sept update out already in August... goddammm that was fast seems like this stuff was just announced yesterday.

They are on a roll with new X1 functionality, I hope my fellow *gamertag folks will keep giving *constructive feedback to help microsoft continue to improve X1 feature set. Its been really cool to watch the platform grow so rapidly, next up if they add DLNA and customizable themes then they will have officially hit "OMG" status.

donthate3077d ago

Maybe we can get October update previewed in August!

They are moving so fast, I don't even have time to try all the new features.

At this pace, next year there won't be any features left to do.

Benchm4rk3077d ago

Yeah it is a really good update. And thanks to you mate I was able to preview it also and test out the media player :-)

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Stevefantisy3078d ago

Its nice to get updates early.

LonDonE3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Man Sony should be embarrassed! MS is changing and improving the X1 every month with substantial updates meanwhile at Sony........
Vote me down all you want Sony fan-boys!
Seriously just WTF are they doing over at Sony HQ?
Sony and MS should of been working over time to get the PS4 and X1 up to the PS3/360 standards at the very least ASAP!!! And it looks like at least Microsoft has been working fast.

Praise when its due, hats off to MS for improving my X1 and doing it within reasonable time.
I just cant wait for MKV and DIVX and AVI playback! once that's up and running on my X1 it will undoubtedly be my go to box in the living room.
It already is for general everyday use, and with usb video/pictures etc playback i can finally retire my PS3 systems.

Seriously Sony get your fingers out your "£%$£"! and update the PS4! i want folders, and customizable themes, i want usb media playback! MKV would be awesome but i doubt it with Sony.
But regardless at the very least MP4 and MP3 playback would be great.
Keep it coming Microsoft, these updates are AWESOME!

k3rn3ll3078d ago

You can do mkv and mp4 playback with this update. Pretty much any file type really. Only from a thumb drive right now though.ive been doing it in beta for a couple weeks now

n4rc3077d ago

Think .mkv isn't included quite yet.. Later this year I believe they said.. I don't have any files in that format to try

Sm00thNinja3077d ago

Wow no disagrees yet? I guess it's raining updates too hard to venture out from under the bridge. But your right the PS4 hasn't changed ONE EFFIN BIT since launch

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Magnus7013078d ago

I like how fast they are responding to our feedback.

Gotcha53078d ago

WTF... 2 system updates in a single month. Microsoft just keep them rolling.

JoeIsMad3078d ago

Peggle is awesome, but the update is better.

ROQFrost3078d ago

Too soon Microsoft, too soon.

OpieWinston3078d ago


It's not releasing a game before it's finished...It's an update that improves your experience.

GusBricker3078d ago

"GameDVR deletes: Users will be able to choose multiple GameDVR clips to delete at once in the Upload app."

Thank ****ing god! That was so annoying.

Magnus7013078d ago

Yeah I voted for that on the feedback page after I had to delete 20 random clips X1 recorded while I was playing the free games.

Gotcha53077d ago

How do you delete game demos it reads reinstall once you uninstall?

gamegenieny3078d ago

OMG no kidding. I was waiting for this update to delete most of whats ther rather than doing it a few weeks ago one by one....

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