PlayStation at PAX Prime 2014

By Andrew Kelly: "PAX Prime is nearly here, and we’re bringing the goods. If you’re headed to Seattle this year, swing by the PlayStation booth (#122) to play more than 30 new and unreleased games like Bloodborne, The Order: 1886, Until Dawn, LittleBigPlanet 3, Far Cry 4, Secret Ponchos, Axiom Verge, Apotheon, and Helldivers. WHEW! In addition to playable games, we’ll have some fun activities in our booth and panel sessions. See below for all of the info."

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xHeavYx1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Can't wait, I'll get to play so many games, Bloodborne, The Order, Driveclub, Until Dawn, Far Cry 4! *gets up to get a tissue*

xHeavYx1932d ago

Isn't it pretty obvious? lol

Sevir1932d ago

Wish I was there to play some of these. I'm most excited for Bloodborne and The Order:1886

mayberry1932d ago

Pax registration is now closed, and all badges are sold out. I have a Friday badge but wanted to go Saturday too for the "How Media Molecule Made the Fourth-Wall-Breaking Papery World of Tearaway". Also, the playstation mobile truck "road to greatness" is in seattle this week! Also microsoft is opening up the ms campus with free tours! Lots a gaming related stuff in Seattle this month!

xHeavYx1932d ago

Tickets always get sold out within 20 minutes. I was lucky enough to get a Saturday one, but I wanted a 4 day pass

levian1932d ago

I don't know why Sony and Microsoft keep showing games we've already seen, and in some cases have known about and seen for the last year or longer.

OUROSMAG1932d ago

Because some of those games aren't out and development has continued on them. And they are different from what they were a year ago.

levian1932d ago

I guess... But we literally saw most of these at Gamescom last month. I doubt much has changed since then. It seems once you see E3 there's not much point watching the other ones.

Maybe it's just me, idk.

xHeavYx1932d ago

That's like asking why bands go on tours when you can just buy their CD

levian1931d ago

I don't agree. These game shows are to show off new games, not to re-show trailers we just saw two months ago

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