Gone Home Coming To Wii U

IGN - A Nintendo employee has let slip that Gone Home is headed to the Wii U.

The news was revealed by Damon Baker of Nintendo of America, speaking at the Unite 2014 conference on the processes of publishing on the Nintendo Wii U eShop. Baker says that Gone Home is "confirmed" as a Wii U title and is "coming out in the near future."

You can catch his mention of Gone Home on Youtube (listen at about the 6m50s mark).

Developer The Fullbright Company told IGN earlier this year that Gone Home would be coming to consoles, though at the time it was undecided which ones.

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ZoidsRaven2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

From what I've read about the game (from the gamers who played it), it's a simplistic game that's only noteworthy for the agenda it has.

I could be wrong about the game because I've never played it. However, if everything said about this game is true, I can't imagine paying even 5 bucks for something so hollow.

Again, could be wrong (don't think I am though). 7_7

randomass1712486d ago

I played it on Steam and it's actually not too bad if you don't mind waiting for a sale. $20 was too much for how short it is. But I liked the story. Other than that there isn't much else to say about it. $5-$10 is more appropriate for the price IMO.

choujij2486d ago

I'll be completely honest. I pirated it to see if it was good, and I still felt ripped off.

ZoidsRaven2486d ago

Any game that can be completed in one minute and fifty-two seconds in a speedrun better have some replay value......
What's it's replay value like? 7_7

Oh, and.. $5-$10 is not really an appropriate price if there are way longer games out there for the same price. Heck, there are free flash games online that are longer.

Please explain this to me, I could still be wrong after all.

camel_toad2486d ago

What youve generally read is how I felt about. I was very disappointed in the end.


It plays like its a thriller mystery of sorts but its really a budding lesbian love story in disguise which you dont find out till the very end. I felt ripped off. Nothing at all against lesbians but I felt like the entire game was just misleading bs where you slap your forehead at the end.

ExiledBlitz2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )


So according to you, if the story involves gay people then it automatically has an 'agenda'? Grow up, dude.

ZoidsRaven2486d ago


Did I say GoneHome simply involving gay characters was the agenda? Resonance of Fate has a gay character in it, but I'll never say that game serves an agenda. -1 Banana.

Grow up?
If you can't juggle Bubbles, try dancing.
Insults and or drama don't suit you. 7_7

ExiledBlitz2486d ago

" only noteworthy for the agenda it has. "

Sorry if you can't handle being called out on your homophobic rhetoric, but a passive aggressive ad hominem statement doesn't qualify as a rebuttal.

voodoochild3462486d ago

Stop with the inflammatory "rhetoric". Obviously he doesn't dislike gay people. I think he uses agenda because of how the game hides the true purpose until the end as camel_toad pointed out. Get off you high horse and calm down.

ZoidsRaven2486d ago (Edited 2485d ago )


"Sorry if you can't handle being called out on your homophobic rhetoric"

1) What are you, from Tumblr? I also like how you took "only noteworthy for the agenda it has." and come to the conclusion "if the story involves gay people then it automatically has an 'agenda'?". -2 Bananas

2) How I used the word 'agenda' told you nothing about it's context. You don't know how the agenda came to be, what the agenda concerns and or why the agenda is the only thing noteworthy. You know nothing. -0 Bananas

3) XD
Ok, I've too much experience not to see how this will continue. So I'll break the cycle. I'll show you what it means to be "correct".
Let's say you're correct in saying that my rhetoric and or I myself is anti-gay, let's just say that....
So....? Is that supposed to mean what I said about Gone home wasn't true? I mean, you've yet to come out with any evidence to support my being incorrect. After reading this conversation again, your label holds no water.

I think I liked you people better when you only label and censor comments. Replying is not your thing. -4 Bananas.

"a passive aggressive ad hominem statement doesn't qualify as a rebuttal."

You're right, the first sentence in my reply does. You see, I don't need to be respectful to make my point. I don't.
You weren't respectful when you made your point of "if the story involves gay people then it automatically has an 'agenda'?" because you told me to "grow up". You'd best relax, because this is fun for me. -6 Bananas.

You shouldn't expect respect in an argument, nor should you believe your label means something in an argument.

If you can't dance Bubbles, try singing.
Labels and "ad hominem" don't suit you. 7_7

EDIT: Oh, my bad. You're now ExiledBlitz and no longer GlassMufasa, I'll be replying with that name from now on. +2 Bananas.

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Metallox2486d ago

Well, that's cool and all, but I remember when developers charged 20 dollars for the game... don't seriously know how, it's what many people like to call "walking simulator".

LAWSON722486d ago

I have to agree, personally I would only pay $5 for it but then again I am cheap lol. I like story games but when that is primarily all they have to offer it does not warrant the price tag IMO

TheRealTedCruz2486d ago

It's a mystery game, if anything. It tasks players with uncovering the story, rather than walking through it.

TongkatAli2486d ago

If this was on playstation or xbox it would've been called a "walking simulator", easy.

I heard Nintendo fanboys call Last Of Us a movie and not a game.

Metallox2486d ago

I don't know why do you say that. Are you implying that I actually think The Last of Us is a movie and not a game? Don't see how, first of all because I haven't played the game yet. And second, because I actually like many PlayStation and Xbox games. I'm open to play any stuff I wany.

I don't like Gone Home because it basically consists of collecting stuff and progressing in the story, which I didn't like either.

My general point is however, don't generalize. I'm not part of that group, and many Nintendo fans as well.

Neonridr2486d ago

are you sure that wasn't Beyond Two Souls?

TongkatAli2486d ago

I never said you said that, but you did get defensive right now.

Metallox2486d ago

Then why do you say Nintendo fans call The Last of Us a movie? That's not related to this discussion and it's why I replied you.

LAWSON722486d ago

That is great news, I hope it is a great port.

gangsta_red2486d ago

WiiU seems to be the true place for indie games. Funny how N4G doesn't praise Nintendo for this...

DigitalRaptor2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

PC/Steam is the true place for indie games, if there is a "true" place.

Which there isn't.

gangsta_red2486d ago

Oh, it's now ok to bring PC/Steam into the console folds?

Forgive me, usually when we are all arguing over specs, resolution, games or framerate and someone mentions PC, certain folks get upset and say PC doesn't count.

Sorry, I didn't know goal posts were moved yet again, hard to keep up.

DigitalRaptor2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Posting facts is not enough for some people I see.

Technical specs have nothing to do with what I just clarified, so try again. PC is where indie developers have established their games LONG before consoles came on the scene. That was kinda my point, but you came back with something completely irrelevant and obtuse.

I wasn't using PC to make a point about "superiority" or any of that bullsh*t. I was making a valid point based on my experience as a PC gamer as well as a console gamer. Indie games originated on PC, but there is no "true" place for indie games, as all platforms have embraced them.

oasdada2486d ago

If your a gamer who want to have different experiences rather than simply wanting time pass fun from your games all the time then id say its a real treat.. my game of the year.. and wud also say this cud not have been done better any other way.. its an experience you can only get from a video game

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