Will Destiny Give Microsoft Or Sony The D-day Bump?

OnlySP: As we edge closer and closer to D-day on September 9th those who are interested in industry trends have to ask themselves: which of the two gaming giants will get the biggest Destiny bump?

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NatureOfLogic_2482d ago

Double or greater for Sony because of the white destiny bundle and exclusive content.

NewMonday2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

the slow summer is about to end, after that the blockbuster games will come one after another, all of a sudden gamers will find themselves with a big new generation backlog, and sales will surge even more, by the end of 2014 PS4 could have an install base as big as 18 million.

xHeavYx2482d ago

Pretty obvious that Destiny will sell better on PlayStation, bigger fanbase, bigger dev support, bundles and timed DLC. It's a no-brainer

uptownsoul2482d ago

I don't know if I'd give Sony 18M by the end of 2014…Then again I thought it would be Oct 1st before it would hit 10M, and I was WRONG. I think it'll be 14.5M-15M by end of 2014. As far as the bump, just look at the WatchDogs bump. With the similarity of timed exclusive content AND bundle inclusion, the "Watch Dogs Bump" clearly went in Playstation's favor. I believe the same will be true for Destiny

iamnsuperman2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

18 million by the end of 2014? You must be kidding right? That isn't feasible. 15 million at a push but more like 13 to 14 million

FITgamer2482d ago

18 million is pushing it. Probably closer to 15 million.

ShowGun9012482d ago

18mil is ambitious, but hey, in january, i thought it would take them a year to hit 10mil, and that was a MASSIVE swing-and-a-miss... so ive been wrong before!

NewMonday2482d ago


PS4 is already over 10 million and August sales not included, it is selling this much without that the big new generation games AND in the slow summer, fall and winter will see sales go up like usual in the industry and the bigger bumb will be the holiday sales, 18 million is expected

nX2482d ago

PS4 sold 10 million without any true "next-gen" game, it's to be expected that sales continue at that pace in the next few months. With Destiny and the holiday season approaching 15 million are easily achieveable for the end of this year.

jjonez182482d ago

You think 18m is unfathomable yet you think 13m is more reasonable? The holiday season is a whole different beast than the droughts of the Summer. 16m+ is more likely than 13m. December alone could account for 2m-3m units sold.

ikkokucrisis2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

It's definitely going to give the edge to the PS4,
that white PS4 looks sooo suweet!

BitbyDeath2481d ago

Sony has been pushing a million a month pretty much this entire year to date. Given they are already pushing such large numbers will they even have much in the backroom to push out for this holiday?

I'm going with 15m due to this.

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NikX2482d ago

Glad I bought Playstation 4 Destiny White Bundle. Definitely worth it.

tlougotg2482d ago

Lucky you just make sure you treat it good and dont scratch it up. Made the mistake of placing my ps3 on top of my ps4 and its scratched so easily.

mrmack002482d ago

Yeah, brougth mine home to my parent's house and they had friends over with their new baby. The baby somehow managed to scratch up the glossy surface..Stupid babies :-)

ShowGun9012482d ago

is that the day the white "Gold" Headset is coming out? REEEEEEEAAAAAALY want that!

2482d ago
DVAcme2481d ago

Not only that, Activision is doing all the TV advertising for the game under the PS4 banner, and all the big trailers and announcements in the trade shows have been on Sony's conference. Activision is basically favoring Sony more now because of both the better sales numbers on the PS4 and cause EA is basically in bed with Microsoft now, with EA being obviously Activision's main competitor. Advanced Warfare is not getting publicized as much for PS4 cause COD has more fans on the Microsoft side, but it isn't getting exclusively promoted on the XB1 either, unlike the previous generation.

All I know is that this game is easily this new gen's first big game, it'll become the standard for big releases in the near future. I sure as heck am getting it day 1.

aceitman2481d ago

haha , the ps4 destiny bundle and the ps4 version of destiny has been in the top 15 for the past month and a half.and thx1 version has been in the top 15 for 3 weeks. and the ps4 version of destiny is in the top 20 for best sellers of 2014,

greenlantern28142481d ago

Is this even a question, one has a bundle that includes the game the other doesn't.

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Relientk772482d ago

I'm definitely going with Sony on this one.

iamnsuperman2482d ago

"Maybe this will be the game that puts Xbox One on top in the United States where many analysts believed it would be, or maybe Destiny will just help Sony’s star rise even more."

I am not sure what analyst said that but the general consensus is that it will move alot of PS4s because of where Sony has positioned the game. A similar tactic was done by Microsoft on the 360 with COD. Like with the 360 in the US the PS4 is expected to benefit the most (sales push wise) with big multiplatform titles

Wingsfan242482d ago

On the other hand, this is also Bungie. There's a ton of hardcore Bungie fans on Microsoft consoles. It'll be interesting to see the numbers of this one.

iamnsuperman2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Totally irrelevant. Hardcore budgie fans will buy the game regardless which platform. If your talking about Microsoft fans who love budgie sure but those numbers are relatively small (looking at figures like console sale trends to which platform has the most destiny pre orders). Destiny has become this big third party game that as gone past the hard core budgie fan base. It is not going to be close. This is the PS4's biggest mover this holiday (that is saying something for a console that has taken less than a year to reach 10 million)

Wingsfan242482d ago

You think those numbers are small on the Microsoft platform? Halo was the top performing shooter from Halo 2, 3 and Reach. MW2 was when Halo lost the top spot. There's a huge following for Bungie on Microsoft platforms, and I'm willing to bet a lot of them have been awaiting Bungie's next big release since Reach.

Will it beat PS4's sales numbers? Probably not, but it should certainly sell pretty well on Microsoft platforms. Definitely not irrelevant at all.

tlougotg2482d ago

Irrelevant since many have switched camps to Sony side and are still thinking of doing so upon the release of this game and others.

700p2482d ago

Yeah i have alot of friends on xbox excited for destiny.

gootimes2482d ago

Well, it's obvious many Xbox fans switched to PlayStation in the US when you consider the popularity of the PS4...

I think the Destiny bundle on PS4 will be pretty huge.

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avengers19782482d ago

White destiny bundle has been doing really well at Amazon and GameStop in pre- orders, I think the PS4 will see the biggest increase in sales. Not saying XB1 won't get a bump as well, but I'm pretty sure PS4 will have September NPD wrapped up with the destiny bundle.

JeffGUNZ2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

This game is so huge it will benefit all platforms it's on. People from Xbox land are pumped and people in PS4 land are pumped. Bungie is a talented developer and this game will be tons of fun for ANYONE who get their hands on it.

MeliMel2482d ago

Thank you Gunz...agree that this will benefit all consoles. The PS4 will have the best sales for sure. Also with MCC hitting X1 soon i dont think Xbox owners will have time for Destiny. Btw thats not a jab at Destiny, just saying. Im buying Destiny on PS4 but it will do little to get me away from Halo multiplayer. I dont care how great it is.

Software_Lover2482d ago

Who cares? Those who plan to buy the game will enjoy it either way. Whether it's on 360, ps3, ps4, or Xbox one.

Spotie2482d ago

The companies involved care, be they devs, publishers, or console makers. I think we should probably care, too.

Gonna pay off my PS4 next week and be ready to fulfill my destiny!

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