'FIFA Is More Like Ping Pong' - PES Devs Smack-Talk FIFA 15

NowGamer: "There's always been a rivalry between FIFA and PES, but in this increasingly PR-driven industry that's taken something of a backseat.

So it's great to see these PES 2015 developers take on FIFA 15; hopefully EA Sports will feel the need to retaliate and we can have a classic PR war like the good old days."

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Yi-Long2482d ago

The only 'funny' thing about it is that it's coming from a developer for a series that hasn't been great since PES 4-5, and I would even go as far to say that last year's PES was pretty bad.

I used to be a huge PES-fan back in the days, but with the switch to 360/PS3, they completely lost it, while FIFA has only grown better and better with each year.

So instead of talking smack, Konami needs to shape up first and get a great PES out of the door again.

iistuii2482d ago

Agree. I was PES mad. Instead of them gobbling off, how about stop embarrassing themselves & get some sort of game out that's even remotely as good as it's rival.

sonarus2482d ago

I couldnt agree with you more. I suspect you are a true fan of soccer games. Fifa used to be garbage compared to PES/ISS/winning 11 series. But sometime in the PS3 era, PES lost their way and Fifa found their way big time. Fifa stepped up majorly in the PS3 era and until PES finds a way to do the same i'll stick with Fifa

Yi-Long2482d ago

@Sonarus: You're right: I've always loved football games. I bought and played the very first FIFA on the Sega Genesis, I played International Superstar Soccer on the SNES, and of course I also played the Sensible Soccer games on Amiga.

PES 4 and 5 were great games at the time, far ahead of the competition. They certainly weren't 'perfect', but they were the best.

However, pretty much from FIFA09, FIFA has been the better series, and while Pro Evo has kept on struggling to get back into the game, FIFA has just gotten better and better each year.

I always keep an eye out on the new PES, and last year I even bought PES2014 because I liked the demo, but the end-result is sadly always very disappointing.

Previews for PES2015 are very positive, so again I'll keep my eye on the reviews and fora, but FIFA15 will be a must-buy this month, and PES2015 will have to be pretty great for me to consider buying that as well.

Nobody wants PES to come back to it's old former glory more than me, but it's up to Konami to deliver the goods, instead of talking smack about the (much better for now) opposition.

3-4-52482d ago

PES 2014 on PC is really fun...not sure what your talking about.

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shadowwizard2482d ago

Wow, that's really cheap. You shouldn't talk smack when you have teams like East and West London in the game.

Angerfist2482d ago

And another person who plays fifa because of licenses.

nX2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I can't stand these people in real life, those are the ones who only watch football when it's world cup or champions league... they don't love the sport, they love the event. People who actually played football themselves are mostly PES players because it's simply the better simulation with more emphasis on tactic and skill. Standard PES games are 10mins long, in FIFA it's usually just 6. In PES, I always think about my strategy and what substitutions I should make, in FIFA I don't even bother with that kind of stuff because it's designed for the dudebro-type of football fan.

listenkids2482d ago

License or not, PES is not a solid Football game.

yezz2482d ago


While I agree with your "problem", I disagree that most PES fans are the people actually playing the sport. I've always played FIFA because it's simply more fun.

PES might have few more realistic aspects but I've played the sport for over 10 years and still prefer FIFA. Video games are supposed to be fun and for me FIFA does the job better than PES..

iceman062482d ago

I'm sure the PES devs would readily admit that they don't have all of the licenses. That costs money that EA has bucket loads of and Konami, not so much. However, would EA ever admit that their brand of soccer is bit back and forth...kinda like ping pong? That's not to say that it isn't a fun game. I actually used to buy both. The PES devs are just trying to play up what they think their strengths are.

FsterThnFTL2482d ago

Pong is better than both FIFA and PES.

jukins2482d ago

does have a point. fifa seems geared more towards high scoring high action games. and lobbed through balls are the attack of choice and considering 99% of people use Real Madrid quite often lobbed through balls to Ronaldo Bale Benzema are all it takes to win even with perfect defense. Cant say how many times i've seen the lobbed through ball coming and i'll double triple team said players yet somehow they will break through all defenders and pull away for an easy goal.

martinezjesus19932482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Shame on you for not knowing how to stop it honestly. I rarely get scored on with lobbed/through balls.

jukins2482d ago

its not that i dont know how because like i said i'll predict it cover it with multiple defenders but ronaldo benzma bale come on if you've played the game lobbed through balls to them have a good chance of working

martinezjesus19932482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

And I rarely score with them.

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