Dev Praises Sony's Move To Include GDDR5 RAM & Powerful GPU In PS4, Ensures No Compromise

Continuing our coverage of Croteam's The Talos Principle, GamingBolt asked the game's programmer Dean Sekulic about how hard was it porting the Serious Engine 4 to the PlayStation 4 and whether there were any compromises made since the console is a lesser platform compared to a high end PC.

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marloc_x2493d ago

☆PS4 is a High End Machine☆

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spacedelete2493d ago

if they made PS4 about 50 or 60% more powerful it would be a whole gen more powerful than the Xbox One.

pastysmash2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

And yet. Driveclub runs at 30 fps :(

3 disagrees and I'm not wrong... Weird.

amiga-man2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

But pushing some insane graphics, which suits me fine cant wait.

Edit:Non of that bothers me brim, I just want to race and if it's anything like Motorstorm it should be a blast.

Brim2493d ago

graphics look great but it seems they left a lot out of this game so idk... me not being able to customize under the hood and little things like that are a turn off

guyman2493d ago

What's wrong with 30 fps?

Forn2493d ago

And yet is regarded as the most gorgeous racing game in development right now, so what's your point? 30fps is responsive and fluid, a million games have proved that in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I play games not numbers.

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dastar1012493d ago

And if they made the XB1 2000% more powerful it would be a whooping 20 gens ahead of the PS4. What's your point here?

Muzikguy2493d ago

It's coming up to a year, and we're still getting these stories?! Oh, the BOLT....

extravalue2493d ago

lol BF 4 cant even run at a solid 60fps and its not even full 1080p

no compromise my a$$

Reek2493d ago

BF4 was a near launch third party title... and that game was rushed on all platforms so I won't take that game as an example for any platform.

BF Hardline uses the same engine and It's going to be 1080p, 60fps on PS4.

garos822493d ago

Sshhh reek. You making too much sense. Stop posting logical responses to people with short term memories.

I remember prior to February 2013 pc gamers moaning that ps4 would be lucky to get 2gb ram. Watch all these guys eat crow as studios start releasing second/third titles on current gen and start utilising the tech correctly.

So many games were rushed to hit the launch of the current gen consoles, more games than any other consoles launch in history. The ease to create games on familiar x86 hardware will enable developers to start pumping out titles quicker than ever, it will however take time to master the nuances of each console.

I'm impressed already and I know we just getting warmed up....

Forn2493d ago

Tell me, how do your tears taste? Salty?

extravalue2492d ago

yes salty from my purchase of a ps4 based on hype on day 1

S2Killinit2493d ago

Well it is the most powerful console this gen, thats for sure. Could it be more powerful, of course

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The story is too old to be commented.