PS4 Humble Indie PlayStation Bundle 2019 Available Now

Humble’s first mixed-publisher bundle of PlayStation games is here, and this time, it’s indie. A great lineup of developers is teaming up with PlayStation for the Humble Indie PlayStation Bundle 2019, a limited-time promotion available at

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Palitera561d ago

Amazing. And bought! Thanks for sharing.

Razzer561d ago

That's a pretty impressive bundle! Humble bundle has the best deals in gaming, imo.

Petebloodyonion561d ago

It's a great bundle made of some of the best indies games.
Big shout to Layers of Fear, Talos, Grim Fandango, Killing floor 2 and Shadow Warrior 2 (I have yet to try the rest but Broken Age is in my backlog).

staticall561d ago

Good news and good bundle, too bad they do not include Europe and Asia, again