My Waning Interest in Destiny

Entertainment Fuse: So why in the world has Destiny fallen completely off for me after the beta? What changed in that few months away that has soured me on a very memorable alpha experience. The answer is nothing, and there lies the issue.

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crusf2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

"till, I have hope that while each world has one map, there will be plenty to explore to keep the fatigue at bay, after all, Bungie knows how to make a video game."
Article's like these annoy me to no end. Lure people in with a minority opinion based title then end the article with the biggest damage control you can think of. If you have an opinion stick to it.

ShowGun9012493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

Articles like this also fuel the idea that they AREN'T the minority... the only reason these articles exist is because they know theres a minority that want whatever we're talking about to fail, and they're likely to click on something that supports them. thats why we get articles that say one of the reasons to not get an x1 is the power brick (even though nobody really sees it), or one of the reasons to not get a ps4 is "no gamez" (even though theres plenty), or the thousands of other CRAPPY reasons to not support something thats pretty awesome.

destiny will be pretty awesome... cant wait for the 9th! see yall in the crucible!

(i really wish an article could be voted "click-bait" or "content-free" or "GARBAGE".)

thorstein2493d ago

It can be voted Click Bait. Select Lame, then write Clickbait in the description. Or Content free or Garbage.

ShowGun9012493d ago

LOL didn't ever look over there, cool! thanks!

Rob_Ko2493d ago

My interest in Destiny is waning because Diablo on PS4

FullmetalRoyale2493d ago

I need coop. My friend and I get tired of playing nothing but competitive so far in this generation. Diablo is something we'll get down the road. Destiny is the coop game I want. I will be all over Diablo at some point, it's just not the type of game I have the itch to play at the moment.

fOrlOnhOpe572493d ago

Personally, I can't wait. I've kept my hype meter quivering at 9.9 😀

ShowGun9012493d ago

Me too! destiny was fun, and the Co-op was pretty awesome! Really liked the MP also, it will probably be my go-to competitive shooter this year! come on, 9th!

ScottyHoss2493d ago

I can't wait for the 9th! :D the only issue I had were enemy spawning, lack of customization and no split screen, but I'll cope if it doesn't make it in. We just need another good game to play with friends locally and destiny would fit that space perfectly (or treyarch could make zombies only CoD)

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The story is too old to be commented.