Metro Redux - First Update Adds Volumetric Lights Exclusively To The PC Version

DSOGaming writes: "As you may already know, the recently released Metro: Redux was lacking almost all volumetric lights that were present in the original version of Metro 2033. Today, 4A Games and Deep Silver released a 1.2GB patch for the PC version of Metro: Redux that brings a number of them back to the game."

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edqe2483d ago

I just hope OSX doesn't nerf down Linux version yet again.

Loktai2483d ago

There is no reason it would... only lazy developers. Lets not blame OSX for the dev's lack of giving a damn to spend the extra time on the linux version. Its because of OSX and things like maybe the fact that alot of the underlying software on PS4 is based on FreeBSD that Linux is getting more and more games though about FreeBSD the playstation uses a lot of different APIs but I guess maybe I overspoke, wishful thinking?

Not to make myself sound old but I remember when the best you could expect was a decent port of doom and Quake was a big deal because there wasnt much else...

starchild2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

This is good news. I was disappointed to hear how some elements had been downgraded compared to the original PC versions. Of course, the Redux versions have also been upgraded in many ways too, so it will be nice to get as many advantages in one version as possible.

johny52483d ago

Gees, is there anything else missing?

MilkMan2483d ago

They need that on the consoles. I KNEW this was missing.

Pandamobile2483d ago

There's a reason this feature is missing on consoles.

MilkMan2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Please explain. Its my last bubble.

Pandamobile2483d ago

Volumetric lighting is a huge performance hog. If 4A had any hope of running Last Light at 1080p60 on consoles, they'd have to make some serious cutbacks on the anti-aliasing, motion blur and lighting.

weirdo2483d ago

pls apply the pretty lights to consoles too