More Afrika Details

Sony brought Afrika to Taiwan recently to a media event and let journalists check out what the game is about. According to PS3Hyper:

"Your AI driver/tour guide is waiting for you in a Jeep. So for those who are looking forward to hitting the animals with the Jeep, you are out of luck."

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Slayer OP3875d ago

GTA jungle editiom anyone?

Polluted3875d ago

I probably would have hit the animals...

Dir_en_grey3875d ago

Great new info. I love the idea of incorporating the sixaxis into the game, and holding the camera steady seems like a good use of the controller; since sixaxis seems over-sensitive on most games, this is actually good for this game, since it would be "skill" based, maybe like how you would work a real camera.

Definitely pre-ordering =)

gunnerheadboy3875d ago

This will be a nice alternative to shooters and racer.

LeShin3875d ago

As soon as I hear there's an English text version, THIS GAME IS MINE!! :)

DetroitSportsFan3875d ago

Play Asia is taking preorders for the Japanese and Asian versions of Afrika. I believe the Asian versions of import games have a lot more English text.

kewlkat0073875d ago

but what happened to gaming..

hokis4ever3875d ago

What your definition of gaming is?