New Unreal Engine 4 Video Shows Real-life Rain & Lighting Effects

YouTube’s ‘koooolalala’ has shared a new video, showcasing some incredible lighting and rain effects in Unreal Engine 4. As koooolalala noted, this scene runs with 30-45fps on a i7-3770 with an Nvidia GTX670.

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mafiahajeri2483d ago

so sad Arkham Knight is not using Unreal Engine 4

fr0sty2483d ago

UE4 probably wasn't ready in time for them.


Indeed, the only version available of UE4 is UE4 DEV version which very archaic and very limited in features and not well optimized, the result is: Dayligh(the game used that version). The dev version was only an early access for hasted devs. These days we reached UE4.4.1 and 4.5 version will be out soon. Very fast progress compared to UE3 which rerached 3.5 in like 8 years. But the real reason for Batman Arkham Knight not using UE4 and even Mortal Kombat X was that Warner Bros had a contract to use UE3 till the end of 2014. Expect the next Batman and Mortal Kombat to use UE4.

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SteamPowered2483d ago

Wow, this guy has the exact same rig as me. Now Im debating whether its worth upgrading to a 780 or not.

windblowsagain2483d ago

I wouldn't upgrade anything yet.

Give it another 1-2 generations of video cards, before that time there will be hardly any difference.

Reddzfoxx2483d ago

Should be no need too as the 760 is just a rebranded 670. Which means its still an above average video card. You shouldn't have to upgrade until after the 800 series drops and even then with DX12 coming out in 2015 that is going to be a debate whether 600 series cards are still value with a better api.

rodiabloalmeida2483d ago

670 is stronger. 760 is not a rebranded 670.

ABizzel12482d ago

@rodiabloalmeida is right the 670 is stronger, but it's insignificantly stronger, and you can easily buy certain brands of 760's that are more powerful than the 670. The 760 Ti is the 670 exactly.

Reddzfoxx2481d ago

@rodiabloalmeida @ABizzel1 Okay yeah but they are basically the same cards just more power friendly as that might be the only reason to upgrade.

ABizzel12482d ago

You'll be fine for the most part with a i7 3770 + 670. CPU is good for the next 5+ years really. The 700 series isn't that much of an upgrade unless you move to the 780 Ti which still isn't an amazing upgrade and would cost you $600 - $700.

The 800 series isn't that much of an upgrade either, although it does bring significantly better power consumption.

Your pretty much set until the 900 series (aka true Maxwell) comes out. The best thin to do would be to buy another 670 and call it another 4 - 5 years for you entire PC, then upgrade the entire rig since DDR4 should be more standard by then, and Intel CPUs and motherboards will be on a new socket.

rmw2hot872483d ago

Can't imagine how insane gears 4 gonna look with this graphics engine.

Wni02483d ago

you mean the same brown and bloom with 4x polygons!

TheDevKit2482d ago

Gears 3 was very colorful.

starchild2482d ago

Color palette has nothing to do with technical aspect of graphics.

If that were true The Order 1886 would be in the same boat anyway.

Scenarist2482d ago

the future is about lighting/shadows .. polygons could be stupid low .. and proper light shadows will still suspend disbelief

marioJP872483d ago

Im SO hoping they use Unreal Engine 4 for the next gears.


Of course they will use UE4, Epic confirmed that all their upcoming games will use UE4 (they made an allusion to Geras 4 in their twitch streams). Unreal Tournament remake already use UE4.

BumpFrankie2483d ago

Plastica-man, I thought Epic sold the rights to Gears to Microsoft? And that a new studio is making Gears 4?


Like I said, Epic promised all their games will use UE4. I also said they made an allusion to Gears 4 (not saying that exactly but alluding to it) and that it will use UE4. It would be very dumb for the studio developing it to not use UE4.

Muzikguy2483d ago

That's pretty cool. Unless I'm playing a game hats dunking up and down these stairs the whole time though, I'm not getting too excited. I don't like being shown something then it gets dumbed down later. I am eager to see what the UE4 engine can do though. I came to like it after awhile last gen, when games finally started to look different from one another

Muzikguy2483d ago

That's running up and down*.... Phone sometimes :/

Brazz2483d ago

so... they used a hd cam... and filmed stairs and rain ... ok ...
For real, this is almost real life, if this is engine, then i'm impressed, but for real... it looks like a HD cam.

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