GamerHeadlines: Mountain Review

As those who are already vaguely aware of this indie oddity may already know, Mountain is a difficult title to review. Some would say it stretches the definition of a video game to its limit, while other say it’s gone too far and has no right calling itself a game. You can understand why my job of a reviewer feels harder for this tiny curiosity than your average shooter. Does GamerHeadlines think Mountain is a good game? Not really. And nor is it a compelling example of videogames as art. But as a piece of artwork on its own, without being labelled as a video game? Mountain is a phenomenal triumph, and well worth the tiny price of admission.

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Rimgal2483d ago

A 5?

You are being way too generous.

WeAreLegion2483d ago

I think if you're going to make "interactive art", you should still make it interesting. Have any of you played Linger In Shadows? That one held my interest the whole time! Plastic also made Datura, which is more traditional, as far as mechanics are concerned. Still very much an "interactive art" piece, however.

I don't find Mountain particularly interesting. Might as well make it a live wallpaper for Android.

Rimgal2483d ago

This game is basically a one dollar screensaver.