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8BitChimp says, "I’ve been a fan of the Infamous franchise for quite a number of years now. I played the first two games on the PS3 both as a hero and a villain. I also played the excellent downloadable Infamous: Festival of Blood. As for the PS4, Infamous: Second Son was the driving force behind me getting the new system."

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mikeboccher2483d ago

yeah that's way too high of a score, buthey it's yours so that's fine. Nice written review though

Enemy2483d ago

Opinions, how do they work.

Mikefizzled2483d ago

How can our opinions be opinions if they aren't facts?

-Jaden Smith 2015

Man_Marmalade2483d ago

I don't know, man. I don't know.

SoapShoes2483d ago

Really? Maybe but I just got done playing it and I enjoyed it more than Second Son. Great game, especially for the price.

come_bom2483d ago

LOL. These reviews from completely unknown web sites are a bit suspicious.

GarrusVakarian2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

What? So only reviews from well-known websites are to be trusted? The opinions of these people aren't as important as other peoples, just because their site isn't as well known as IGN or Eurogamer, for example?

What an incredibly stupid thing to say. Working for a small/ lesser-known publication doesn't nullify your opinion. People are people, and opinions are opinions, regardless of who they write for.

xHeavYx2483d ago

Of course reviews are only valid from well-known websites, like Kotaku... Oh, wait...

Enemy2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Someone enjoyed a game more than some others did. Suspicious!

Edit: Don't bring logic into an argument, Lukas!

Kingdomcome2472483d ago

I, in all honesty would lean towards trusting the little guy more, as opposed to the larger sites. I, see less chance of the said review being tainted by politics, or financial interests. That's just me personally though.

Noahmtodd2483d ago

Exactly kingdomcome247.

mikeboccher2482d ago

yeah, maybe we should stick to sites like Polygon and Kotaku who buy reviews.........

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Speak_da_Truth2483d ago

All I know is I'm enjoying this game no matter what reviews say. I think it's well worth $14.99 that's less than some games(MGSV Ground Zeroes $40) yet it has a decent story lenght plus side stuff.

shammgod2483d ago

i like some of the subtle changes they made. Mini map changes, changes when you gain a skill point. I also like the way they added the arena and how it integrates into the game. I am only about an hour deep.

Also, like Second Son, the game looks amazing!

Noahmtodd2483d ago

I'm about the same amount into it as you and I for sure agree with you. I like the subtle changes.

LazyGoron2483d ago

Wow can't believe I didn't know until just now that there's no morality system? Does this mean I don't have to play the game twice with the only difference being scripted scenes?

(SPOILERS - Second Son)
Although Delsin destroying the tribe after his brother was dead at the villain saga was awesome :)

I've never played 1/2 though of this series... Are they worth it? How do they compare to second son? Are they all open world? Second son had the easiest plat I've ever got, the same for 1/2?

Noahmtodd2483d ago

They're all open world. I personally enjoyed 2 more than 1 gameplay wise and such however the story is better in 1. If you have time, I'd for sure recommend playing through them.

LazyGoron2483d ago

Thank you, the dual disc is $13 on amazon... pretty good deal but I can probably find a used copy for cheaper.

Going to try them out.